Young baker knows no age barriers in business

Brie’s special cinnamon rolls. / Photograph courtesy of IG/brie.and.butter

Business owners have always stereotyped wearing suits and mobilizing town hall meetings, but the pandemic changed this perception when the playing field was leveled and everyone had the chance to build their own enterprises through online platforms.

While home-based business is the trend these days, it is still a surprise to hear stories about members of Gen Z who built their respective businesses despite stereotypes about youth and competition with established companies.

Brianna Aguas, known to her friends as Brie, is one of these courageous Gen Z-ers who took the leap of faith in the most challenging year yet by mounting her online pastry business, Brie & Butter.

From their home kitchen, Brie, a student of the Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU), converted her passion for baking into a humble business. It began when her grandmother challenged her to fill an order for cinnamon rolls that she planned to give to friends and relatives. Brie had to learn to plan her production and price her product, but she gamely took on the challenge.

Because her baked goods were a huge success, she got more orders mainly from those who were able to sample her fresh-baked rolls. (Check out her goods on Instagram @brie.and.butter).

At age 20, Brie understands the importance of being precise with her products so her customers will never have space for disappointment and not wasting the financial capital her supportive parents lent her.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Tribune, Brie shed light on how it is to be a newbie in the business world and shared words of wisdom to her fellow youngsters who wish to start a business.

Daily Tribune (DT): What is the challenge of being young in starting a business especially with a lot of competition around?

Brie Aguas (BA): Despite the competition around and being young, I know that my only true challenge is myself. I can’t let emotions and feelings get to me and I had to learn to be professional in every situation and clients that I handled. Being young, I know I have so much to learn. I’m still in college and may not be the most knowledgeable about putting up a business. This is why I know that it’s important to believe in what I know I am capable of.

DT: How were you able to overcome these and have that leap of faith?

She turned her adventurous personality to build an enterprise

of her own. / Photograph courtesy of IG/brieaguas

BA: The most important thing I learned in overcoming challenges is to remind myself that there will always be competition and I will always encounter challenges. But as long as I learn something in the process, know that I did everything I could, and keep my head up high, then it will be worth every difficulty and challenge I encountered.

DT: What are your long-term goals for your business?

BA: From the very beginning when I started Brie & Butter, we set our goal as an online business to “roll” happiness from our kitchen to the homes of our customers. With the pandemic preventing people from seeing their loved ones, we found it to be important to find a way to connect people again through our product. Having said this, my long-term vision for Brie & Butter is to continue rolling happiness from our kitchen to the homes of our customers even after the pandemic has subsided. Maybe in a few years, even put up a physical store or commissary and cater to institutional clients.

DT: What is your advice for other young individuals out there who want to start a business but aren’t courageous enough?

BA: You have to start somewhere. No matter how small your dream is, if you have passion and love for what you do, your chances of success are greatly amplified. Success is a very subjective term and it really depends on how you look at it. But for as long as you have love for what you do, and you continue to pursue it, there’s nothing you can’t do!

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