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6 tips to make sure your family’s clothes look and smell nice all year-round!

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MANILA, Philippines — Happy New Year, mommies! This year, make sure your family's clothes are always planned, impeccably clean and smelling fresh!

It all starts with a closet in excellent condition, and wais moms know that maintaining perfectly looking and smelling clothes doesn’t need to be expensive.

Here, we list down tips on maintaining a fresh wardrobe throughout the year. From decluttering and proper storage to affordable fabric softeners, here are some nice-to-keep ideas for wais moms like you.

1. Sort and store properly

Begin by sorting through your clothes. Decluttering your wardrobe can make it easier to organize and maintain your clothes.

Store seasonal clothes in a cool, dry place and use breathable storage containers or garment bags to protect them from dust and pests.

2. Rotate your wardrobe

Rotate your clothing to ensure that all items are worn regularly, preventing some pieces from being neglected. This also helps you identify items that may need repair or cleaning.

3. Repairs and alterations

Mend any loose buttons, seams or hems promptly to prevent further damage. Instead of buying new ones, consider alterations for clothes that no longer fit well.

4. Wash with care

Follow care instructions on clothing labels. Washing clothes according to these instructions helps maintain their quality. Use a mesh laundry bag for delicate items—and ones with dangling parts or hooks—to prevent damage in the washing machine.

5. Prevent wrinkles

After drying clothes, smooth out any wrinkles by hand and hang clothes immediately. As some clothes would still need ironing, make sure to check the right temperature for the fabric to prevent damage.

6. Fabric softener and freshener

Use a value-for-money fabric conditioner like Surf Fabcon Charcoal Fresh to help keep your clothes fragrant, whether it’s sunny or rainy—much like the weather in the Philippines.

With Odor Block Power, it makes clothes blooming sa bango from sampay to suot! Now, say goodbye to the lingering kulob smell, even if clothes are dried indoors. That’s one less worry for all amid all the Christmas rush.

By following these wais mommy hacks, you can keep your family’s clothes in great condition and ensure that you step into the holiday season with a fresh and well-maintained wardrobe, all without spending extra!

Surf is available in your nearest sari-sari stores and supermarkets, and via Lazada and Shopee.

Editor’s Note: This #BrandSpace story is created with Surf. It is produced by the Advertising Content Team that is independent from our Editorial Newsroom.

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