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Pluto probe finds mysterious night light in the universe

Quirks & Quarks NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has detected light with no obvious source coming from beyond our galaxy. An artist's impression of NASA's New Horizons spacecraft with the Milky Way galaxy in the background.(Marc Postman, Dan Durda, Serge Brunier) Quirks and Quarks7:25Pluto probe finds mysterious ‘night light’ in the …

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Lab-grown meat approved for sale for 1st time

Technology & Science Singapore has given U.S. startup Eat Just the green light to sell its lab-grown chicken meat, in what the firm on Wednesday said is the world's first regulatory approval for so-called clean meat that does not come from slaughtered animals. A filet of lab-grown cultured chicken developed …

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32 salmonella cases in 6 provinces tied to pet hedgehogs

Calgary·New Four people have been hospitalized and 28 others made ill from outbreaks of salmonella infections in six provinces caused by exposure to pet hedgehogs, the Public Health Agency of Canada says. The Public Health Agency of Canada says there are 32 salmonella illnesses across the country linked to pet …

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