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sidebar_award_proud2The No. #1 most engaged information website for Filipino – Canadian in Canada.

MaharlikaNews.com received almost a quarter a million visitors in 2015. We anticipate 1.5 million visitors for 2016.

MaharlikaNews.com offers highly-visible advertising in multiple zones across the whole of our site on a Cost Per Day basis.

We offer a range of opportunities to promote deals that includes:

  • Banner & sidebar advertising.
  • Featured deal promotions.
  • Text based links.
  • Blog post promotion.
  • Social media push.

We offer bespoke marketing packages that suit all budgets…we also offer monthly or key period promotional packages too.

Simply use the contact form for any further details…do feel free to let us know how you would like us to contact you.  We hate hard selling so there will be none of that!

Look forward to hearing from you.

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