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The onions from India have arrived, and my suki is selling them: large, bright red, clean and shiny. Initially retailed for P200 per kilo against the less physically appealing local variety’s P250, you can tell immediately which is selling better these days. With the arrival of more imports, prices have …

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The ‘Jo-Koy’ in all of us Pinoys

It was one of those days when you needed some kind of de-stressing after a day’s work at the editorial office where news stories kept coming about the catastrophic eruptions of Taal volcano in Batangas. Luckily, a dear friend gave me a last-minute complimentary ticket to watch last Thursday the …

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God is watching us — on Earth’s battlefield

The sleepy town of Agoncillo was awakened by the wrath of Taal volcano’s eruption. A few days after the lockdown, as the town folk returned and saw the devastating damages caused by the lahar on their homes, they dropped everything to save their Mahal Na Birhen in the church of …

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Between Taal and a hard place

First of all, we commend each and every Filipino, rich, ordinary even those who qualify as “poor” but who have given from their wealth, resources or simply served as volunteers to help the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos who have been evacuated from the 14/17 Kilometer danger zone circling Taal …

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The Chinese Connection II

When I first met Wong HowMan, the peripatetic Hong Kong writer explorer, he had just been from a meeting with some local Filipino-Chinese. When he told them that he was going to see me next, one described me as anti Chinese. HowMan said, “I hope he likes chinese food” for …

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NVC will shred your case if you don’t respond

Dear Atty. Gurfinkel: I petitioned my married son in 1998 while he was still in the Philippines. He later came to the US on a visitor’s visa and overstayed. We are now receiving notices from the National Visa Center (NVC) advising his priority date is current, his visa is available, …

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US-Phl relations: Our key messages

I was invited to speak before the Institute of World Politics about Philippines-US relations, and how this relationship plays into the realities and dynamics of ASEAN and the Indo-Pacific. The friendship between the Philippines and the US has been in existence for over seven decades, with almost every Filipino family …

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Taal volcano’s eruptions — then and now

A Taal volcano eruption has a special memory to me. I was a junior reporter at the defunct Manila Chronicle at the time. At the time I wanted to prove that I had the courage to see the eruption at close hand, so when I volunteered to go to Taal …

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End capitalism

We are at the first days, not only of a new year; but, at the beginning of a new decade – 2020s. This past decade, the biggest development has been the increasing or accelerating inequality of income and wealth. We are at a point where certain economic statisticians believe that …

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Unfortunately, volcanoes are wild things that do not respect deadlines. They blow up, pipe down and then blow up again. They proceed by their own drummer. As a precaution, vulnerable barangays in 12 shorefront towns are ordered evacuated. That is a massive logistical undertaking. We could have as much as …

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