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Out of the blue, LP Senator Franklin Drilon appears and blurts out the strange claim that the administration’s centerpiece infrastructure program is a dismal failure. The claim directly clashes with every fact on the ground. Because of this, only one media outlet known for its severe anti-Duterte skew gave the …

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The solution to plastic waste: Partnerships

We, as a society and species, are addicted to plastic, and it’s mostly single-use: it’s perceived as an economic, social and cultural necessity. Think about the amount of plastic you use every day. It’s in your phone, in the car, bus or train you use to get around, in your …

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‘Coup’ in Bolivia raises deep questions

One after the other, starting in early October, three nations in South America have been engulfed by massive street protests that shook their governments. First the people of Ecuador, led by the indigenous people’s confederation, choked the nation’s capital, Quito; then about a million Chileans did the same in Santiago; …

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The good, the bad and the ugly

The worst in the world. If we were to believe waze as we do when we trek to and from work daily, we are in the worst city in the world to drive in. In September, it took 4.9 minutes on the average to drive a full kilometer in Metro …

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Remembering,writing, revising

“How did you begin to write?” Friends and strangers alike ask me that question. But the notion of beginning still surprises me until now. I cannot pin down the particular moment when I told myself I would write. As a child of four, it was always an agony for me …

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Women today

People who know her are familiar with her story: as a five-year-old, Vicki Belo recalls being bullied by classmates for being an adopted child. The bullies asked why her parents gave her away: was it because she was ugly and fat? “I cried,” Belo admitted before the audience at the …

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The role of education in crisis

The recent earthquake experience in Mindanao has shown that education is deeply affected in such times of crisis. This is not the first time for us, and the Department of Education is always at the front lines as continuous rehabilitation and rebuilding programs are pursued in order to ensure quality …

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Just wishing aloud

Both official lawyer spokesmen of VP Robredo confessed to having advised her to accept the ICAD post. We had attorneys Romulo “Romy” Macalintal and Ibarra ”Barry” Gutierrez, both official spokesmen of Vice President Leni Robredo, as our featured guests in our Kapihan sa Manila Bay at Cafe Adriatico in Remedios …

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Deliberate, not accidental

This is another case where the decision of the court is based mainly on the credibility of the evidence for the prosecution or the defense. And usually this evidence consists of the testimonies for the prosecution and the defense as well as the assessment of the trial court on the …

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How secured are you?

Safety and Security are top two concerns of multinational corporations whenever they assign or deploy executives and their families abroad. Whenever possible the larger corporations actually have security consultants on the ground who assess safety and security and provide guidelines and suggestions that cover choice of residence, proximity to hospitals, …

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