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Aesthetic center CEO crowned Model Mom Universe 2024

MANILA, Philippines — Aesthetician and young mother Maxine Misa was crowned Model Mom Universe 2024 through an intimate ceremony at the Asian Pandan Cafë in Quezon City.

The Model Mom Universe Advocacy Queen is a title given to an influential woman who promotes various initiatives and causes related to motherhood and philanthropy in the Philippines. She is someone who actively engages in philanthropic work and who aims to make a positive impact in the lives of mothers and their families.

"Responsibility is the foremost concern of the title and not pageantry. Before a queen is appointed to receive a title, I make sure that they've been doing something to their respective communities.

"Model Mom titleholders are not crowned for just a night and then forgotten the next day. They sustain their promise to help — and which is not a one-time thing," shared national director R. Ferdinand Hiñola.

The title is often awarded to women who have excelled in their respective fields, demonstrating not only grace and beauty but also compassion and benevolence. These women use their respective platforms to raise awareness about important issues, then initiate projects that benefit mothers and children all over the archipelago.

"The Model Mom title widens the horizon of my purpose and God-given ability to help people in need. It's another platform, among many others, that affords us 'queen mothers' an easier avenue to reach out to more Filipinos — may it be in organized drives like medical missions, as well as various community-centered activities and events.

"We go around places where we can extend help. In my case, I've chosen two places in the North and I plan to do it beyond my reign. It's something that I'll be doing for a lifetime. Choose to live with more light and compassion," said the 27-year-old entrepreneur-mom.

Maxine's advocacy work encompasses a wide range of causes — from promoting body positivity to supporting mental health issues, as well as empowering the rights of battered women in the Philippines.

"I don't see myself joining the Miss Universe Philippines pageant. I'd rather use my resources in extending help than prepare for a pageant. I Iove TikTok! It is where I post my silly songs and dances. I am a comedienne. I can make you laugh!" she said.

Maxine is the proud single parent to two-year-old Caleb Daxton and five-year-old Amanda Mary. "I had my daughter when I was still 21. I wouldn't be what I am now without my children. I go with the future because it's something we can rewrite. With the past, you can't do anything about it. If I don't take care of myself, how can I take care of others.

"I started by entrepreneurial journey by selling S'mores and stationery while studying in college. I go to school with merchandise to sell to my teachers and schoolmates. After schooling, I broadened my enterprising pursuits and imbued them with a mission," she added.

As the chief executive officer of the Max Beaute Advanced Aesthetic Center, she has incorporated her passion for empowerment into the world of aesthetics; thereby transforming the definition of beauty one client at a time.

After Maxine's appointment with her title, the Model Mom Organization will, thereafter, be crowning the other titlists (World, Earth, International, Globe) who will continue the perennial outreach of its advocacy queens.

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