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‘AlDub’ fans in ‘disbelief’ over Arjo-Maine wedding

NETIZENS have been abuzz over the wedding of actress Maine Mendoza to Quezon City First District Rep. Juan Carlos “Arjo” Atayde on Friday, with some fans of the original “AlDub” couple of Mendoza and actor Alden Richards still in disbelief.

On Twitter (or X), fans of “AlDub,” which saw fame on the noontime show “Eat Bulaga,” had a hashtag #BOYCOTTGMAxTV5xTVJ869, due to them believing that Mendoza had married Richards.

THEIR BIG DAY Quezon City First District Rep. Arjo Atayde and Maine Mendoza. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Meanwhile, the hashtag #AtaydeMendoza also trended on the app on the wedding day.

“Falsification of public documents starts now. And assuming the identity of another person whether still living or not constitutes a crime,” tweeted @SUNSHIN83626629, thinking that the wedding was faked and Mendoza was being impersonated.

“I was present at the AlDub wedding,” claimed @babyquinto_1 in a tweet on Friday in Filipino. “I talked to a wedding coordinator if this was a real wedding and the coordinator said yes.”

An AlDub fan named @MCambsl2, or “Aling Mila,” had spread a conspiracy theory online, thinking that no one booked at the Baguio Country Club, the venue of the wedding reception, on Thursday and Friday.

“Just in.. my friend Dr Fita just called BAGUIO COUNTRY CLUB banquet inquiring about a wedding reception for the Armaine nuptial & was informed no such event booked either today July 28 or July 29. Did the sponsors arrive?” the tweet read. “Armaine” refers to the just-married Mendoza and Atayde.

The user doubled down by continuing to believe that Mendoza “married” Richards and had three children together.

“I'm not affected by their bashing… I guess because I know the truth and I stand by it,” she said in a later post on Saturday in Filipino.

Immediately, this tweet and other tweets from @MCambsl2 received a lot of backlash.

“To the family of this person, please tell her to keep quiet and take her phone. If Arjo gets irritated, he could sue. She is already being rude to Maine by saying she is married to someone else and has three children. Have some respect,” tweeted @VloggerJujubee on Saturday.

“You are among the many reasons why they opted for a private wedding. I can easily envision you all demonstrating at the location, but it would also likely invalidate your clone theory. It is now time to move forward and acknowledge the reality,” tweeted @EyamCC147 on Saturday.

“Delusional at its finest. You will never be happy. Sure I have my delusional moments pero I know what is real to fake. Aling Mila you are sick in the head,” @iyakowrites tweeted on Saturday.

User @euniceindaeyooo had urged Mendoza and Atayde to sue @MCambsl2.

“This is obsessive behavior,” the tweet read in Filipino. “I hope you take legal actions for these people.”

Some “AlDub” fans congratulated the newlywed couple.

“AlDub fan, but so so happy for @mainedcm and #ArjoAtayde Theirs is a match made in heaven! Perfect for each other. Wishing you both lots of love and happiness!” tweeted @maiden16_IL on Friday.

“On your wedding day, I sincerely wish you a lifetime of happiness with him. All the aldub memories may remain, but have the most wonderful adventure with him now,” tweeted @romanticgov.

Mendoza and Atayde got married at a private ceremony in Baguio City on Friday. Richards previously said that Mendoza “got the love she deserves.”

Credit belongs to : www.manilatimes.net

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