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ASUS unveils AirVision M1 headset


VR is having a big resurgence. ASUS is one of the latest names to develop their own brand of VR headset. Revealed at CES 2024, the ASUS AirVision M1 aims to become a go-to headset for enthusiasts or those who want to get into the tech.

The AirVision M1 uses a 1080p Micro OLED and has built-in speakers. It can display content from a computer or from a mobile device. The left side of the headset features a touchpad to provide some control. If you’re using multiple virtual screens, the touchpad will allow you to choose which one is the primary and which one will be hanging out on the side. ASUS also said there is a 3D mode for the AirVision M1. It should be noted, they said 3D mode and not spatial video.


ASUS has made no mention of the price. But we can speculate it won’t be going over $1,000. ASUS would want this to remain as competitive as possible, while providing an experience that would make more people invest in VR in the future.

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