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Dallas: A chilling journey back in time

DALLAS, Texas – On my way to Houston to inaugurate our new Philippine consulate office, I stopped by Dallas to visit the Dealey Plaza Museum, also known as the Texas Depository Museum that serves as a repository of documents, records and artifacts pertaining to one of the most tragic events …

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Revised guidelines raise lung cancer screening age

A proposed change to CHEST’s lung cancer screening guidelines calls for raising the upper age for recent cigaret smokers to 77 years of age from 74 years of age. This proposal is part of draft guideline that was unveiled during the CHEST annual meeting but is still subject to tweaking …

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Duterte, Misuari won’t ‘die together’

JUST as the dramatic scene started rolling in the public mind showing President Duterte and Moro rebel leader Nur Misuari “dying together” in a war over federalism, presidential interpreter Salvador Panelo shouted “Cut!” It was a good video clip while it lasted – the two leaders embracing Tuesday at Malacañang, …

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EDITORIAL – Dirty judges

Considering the number of drug trafficking cases tossed out by the courts and drug defendants cleared or allowed to post bail based on questionable premises, there must be more than 13 judges and 10 prosecutors who can be held liable for abetting the illegal drug problem. Unless the government files …

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