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Bringing life to the white lady

MEET THE ARTIST Contemporary artist Klaris

When we think of the white lady, we’re quick to feel a shiver down our spine as a haunting image of a ghastly lady comes to mind. But for contemporary artist Klaris, she sees it more as an inspiration for her latest art exhibit.

Four years in the making, “Where is Maria?” transforms the folklore figure of the white lady from an enigmatic ghost to a resin art collectible dressed in bold colors and hypebeast fashion named Maria. Contemporary artist Klaris uncovers the obscurity of the “off white lady” in her third solo art show at GF Newport Garden Wing, Newport World Resorts.

On display until December 8, 2023 through Newport Mall-seum, “Where is Maria?” explores fragments of Maria’s new adventures, reflecting its creator’s own quest of self-searching.

SEE IT FOR YOURSELF ‘Where is Maria?’ is available to view at the Newport Mall-seum in Newport World Resorts

“I am continuously thinking of gradually revealing her identity through her small escapades,” Klaris recalls working with Meatspace Art Gallery in bringing Maria to life piece by piece, figure by figure, streetwear by streetwear since its inception in 2009.

Their collaborative efforts led to the weaving of a custom show in “Where is Maria?” that features 75 different artists and their unique creative expressions of the “off white lady.” These colorful figures invite spectators to ponder on the deep connection between perception and perspective.

After years of extensive preparation, Klaris found the opportune time and place to finally unveil “Where is Maria?” in the country’s premiere lifestyle and entertainment destination with Newport Mall-seum.

WALL OF WHITE LADIES Klaris’ exhibition features 75 different artists and their version of the ‘off white lady’

“I feel overwhelmed and blessed at the same time,” Klarin shares. “This is my first time to have a solo exhibit in a prestigious venue [in] Metro Manila!” A longtime advocate of Filipino arts and culture, Newport World Resorts also embraces its epic transformation to a newer, bigger, and more multifaceted integrated resort.

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