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Bruno Major enthralls Manila in sophomore concert

British singer-songwriter Bruno Major delivered an enthralling performance for the second time in the Philippines during his “Tour of the Planet Earth” concert at the New Frontier Theater on August 15.

Known for his hits like “Nothing,” “The Most Beautiful Thing,” and “Easily,” he initially visited the country in 2018.

“My fondest memory of Manila was feeling warmly welcomed here. It still amazes me that I have fans worldwide, even in places far removed from my home in England. I recall performing a show here; it was beautiful,” Major shared in an exclusive interview with The Manila Times' Music Geek before his sold-out show.

British singer-songwriter Bruno Major CONTRIBUTED PHOTO/JUDE NG

This time, Major was accompanied by his band, a departure from his solo performance during his previous visit. Despite losing his voice on the morning of the concert, he did not disappoint, delivering a show-stopping performance.

Major also recently unveiled his latest album, “Columbo,” through Harbour Artists & Music / AWAL Recording. But how does it differ from his two preceding releases, “To Let A Good Thing Die” and “A Song For Every Moon”?

“I would describe it as a gentle evolution of my previous albums. I don't consciously attempt to make my music sound distinct from what came before; it happens organically because art is a product of its environment,” Major explained.

He penned 25 to 30 songs for this album, and narrowing it down to just 12 proved challenging.

“It was initially straightforward. You start by saying, 'That wasn't good enough. That wasn't good enough.' However, towards the end, I had 15 songs and I adored all of them, so it was difficult to leave out the final three. But we eventually made the selection,” Major recounted.

Regrettably, it's highly unlikely that we will ever hear those songs that didn't make the cut.

“Let it be known now, if, for some reason, I were to pass away, I do not wish for posthumous albums to be released. That would be the ultimate disrespect. I always feel sympathy for artists when it happens because it's all the material I didn't want to be shared,” Major stated emphatically.

Interestingly, one of the album's tracks, “Columbo,” is named after a car and ended up becoming the album title.

“I had an old Mercedes that I purchased when I arrived in Los Angeles after lockdown ended. I drove it around for about six to eight months while writing the album. It was a profoundly meaningful time for me, symbolizing the rebirth of life after the Covid lockdown.

“The car became a symbol of that newfound freedom and a renewed version of myself post-pandemic. So, I wrote the song 'Columbo' about the car, mainly because I crashed it.

“However, when it time came to name the album, I felt it best represented that period of my life,” Major narrated.

The new album kicks off with his latest single, “The Show Must Go On,” a song delving into social anxiety and mental health issues, particularly in the context of touring.

“You know, there are times when you feel like an extrovert, able to be humorous and engaging in social settings, making eye contact with people. Then there are times when you feel the opposite — introspective, melancholic, and wanting solitude. The difference is, in normal life, you can simply go to bed or leave the gathering. On tour, you always have to step on stage and embody this persona that everyone has paid to see.

“Sometimes, it feels like it's not the way you naturally want to be in that moment. It can create a disconnect between your identity and issues related to ego and self-esteem. Nevertheless, you push through it.

“Why did I choose to open the album with this track? It was a jest, perhaps not the funniest one. However, the song's opening line is 'the credits roll,' so I found it amusing to begin with 'The Show Must Go On.'”

The album also features previously released singles like “A Strange Kind Of Beautiful,” “Tell Her,” and “We Were Never Really Friends.” For the rest of Music Geek's Q&A with Bruno Major, log on to www.manilatimes.net.

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