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Christmas in Japan? Then don’t miss this exclusive deal

Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo are among the top travel destinations in Japan. If you’ve been dreaming of exploring Okinawa, Sapporo, Akita, and other parts of Japan, seize the opportunity with the Japan Explorer Pass offered by Japan Airlines (JAL).

The JAL Explorer Pass provides a straightforward and budget-friendly fare for travelers eager to delve into Japanese culture. With three base fares of ¥5,500 (P1,990,) ¥7,700 (P2,780,) and ¥11,000 (P4,000), this pass grants access to over 30 cities across JAL’s domestic network.


Travelers can fly from Tokyo to Akita for ¥5,500, Tokyo to Osaka for ¥7,700, and Tokyo to Sapporo for ¥11,000.

This pass is available for Economy Class flyers and includes exceptional service from well-trained flight attendants.The flight also offers quality beverages, video program services, and in-flight internet connection.


To avail of the pass, the traveler must not be a Japanese resident, and their passport must be issued by a country other than Japan. The international itinerary must be round trip, circle trip, open jaw, and must either be to or via Japan from outside the country. Additionally, a Japan inbound ticket number or reservation code is required at the time of purchase.

Photos courtesy of JAL

Credit belongs to : www.mb.com.ph

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