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COMELEC precinct finder now up and running

The COMELEC Precinct Finder is an online tool that allows registered voters to locate their assigned polling place on election day. It is a convenient and easy way to ensure that voters know where to go to cast their ballot.

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I tried the COMELEC precinct finder and found my details really fast.

To use the Precinct Finder, voters need to enter their full name, date of birth, and place of registration on the COMELEC precinct finder website. Be sure to put a period after your suffix, like JR. or Sr., if you put a period when you registered, otherwise. the precinct finder will give you a “record not found” message. If your record is found, the system will then return the voter’s precinct number, address, and other relevant information.

The Precinct Finder is particularly useful for first-time, recently moved, and voters needing clarification on their precinct location. It can also be used by voters who want to verify their precinct information before election day.

The Precinct Finder is a valuable tool for COMELEC in promoting voter participation and ensuring a smooth and orderly electoral process.

Go to https://precinctfinder.comelec.gov.ph to use COMELEC’s precinct finder.

Credit belongs to : www.mb.com.ph

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