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Dauin ‘frogfish’ makes an appearance in Planet Earth III

The depths of our oceans remain largely uncharted territory, shrouded in obscurity due to poor visibility, freezing temperatures, and immense underwater pressure.

Nonetheless, exceptional series like Planet Earth III utilize artistic filmmaking and cutting-edge technology to unveil the hidden world of underwater creatures and their behaviors.

Filmed for five years, Planet Earth III embarks on a journey to uncharted landscapes, including the coastal town of Dauin in the Philippines. In episode 2 titled “Oceans,” the spotlight falls on the enigmatic frogfish.

Frogfish 2.png
The frogfish flaunts its fishing rod, which is known to be fatally seductive.

Known as “the reef’s most extraordinary hunter,” the frogfish’s distinctive features include coral-like skin for camouflage, foot-like fins enabling it to traverse the reef, and a baiting rod on its head for capturing prey.

“For Planet Earth III, we wanted to show the breathtaking beauty and marvels of our planet while shedding light on the impact of human activities on the natural world and the challenges faced by wildlife,” said producer Will Ridgeon.

Planet Earth III premiered on BBC Earth Asia last Oct. 29, 2023, on Cignal TV channel 245.

Credit belongs to : www.mb.com.ph

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