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Deep, dark and complex: A beer to suit a discerning gentleman’s palate

for San Miguel Beer

MANILA, Philippines — Refined by age and experience, a discerning gentleman has impeccable taste across all aspects of his life.

He comes dressed up on occasions, showcasing sophistication with his tailored suit, slick hairstyle and a purposeful watch. His taste in music is distinct and may even prefer vinyl records. He interests himself with new hobbies that make him stand out more, such as camping or photography.

When it comes to dining, he surely is a tough one to please. He loves unique flavors and simply, prefers the finer things in life. No wonder dark beers suit his palate.

Dark beers have a rich, complex flavor profile that is the result of darker roasted malts. The darker the roast, the darker the color and bolder the flavor tend to be. Sweet notes of caramel and chocolate or hints of coffee also come out, balanced by the bitterness of the hops.

These layers of flavors stimulate the curiosity of a discerning gentleman making him particular to food pairings with a dark beer.

If you are a discerning gentleman, you know that indulgent foods, whether savory or sweet, complement dark beers for a well-rounded experience.

Savory and cheesy hamburgers, pasta with tomato sauce, as well as smoky grilled meats are popular choices as these go well with the velvety texture of dark beer.

On the other hand, a contrast of flavors can also be a surprising experience—hence the sweetness of desserts pair well with the bitterness of dark beers.

Gentlemen will opt for chocolate-based desserts such as cake, brownie or mousse for a rich pairing. For something more unique, they can try spiced desserts such as pumpkin pies or cinnamon rolls.

Dark beers with indulgent desserts are best as an ending to a satisfying meal, or during down time with oneself.

Indeed, the possibilities for dark beer and food pairings are bold and unique.

Here in the Philippines, San Miguel Cerveza Negra is the only full-bodied dark lager beer within the San Miguel Beer’s portfolio.

Indulge and get a taste of San Miguel Cerveza Negra, a dark-roasted malt lager with a touch of caramel. That's #BoldlyUnique.

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/sanmiguelcervezanegrabeer.

Drink responsibly.

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