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Don’t be a fence sitter, De Lima challenges VP Sara

Manila Standard

Former Senator Leila de Lima pressed Vice President Sara Duterte to either seriously consider her duties as Secretary of the Department of Education or her family’s opposition against President Ferdinand Marcos’ administration.

De Lima’s statement came in the wake of observations that Duterte is suffering from a conflict of interest due to her current stance, saying that she is “namamangka sa dalawang ilog” or “trying to paddle across two rivers”.

The former senator drew attention to Duterte’s loyalty to her family, who, of late, have advocated for the removal from office of the current President.

“Her loyalties are very clear. They remain with her family who have called [President] BBM (Ferdinand Marcos) names and called for his ouster,” De Lima said.

The former senator noted that Duterte faces a critical decision: To either resign from her position and openly align herself with her family’s criticisms of President Marcos, or distance herself from such sentiments and denounce anti-administration rallies.

According to De Lima, Duterte’s presence at an anti-administration prayer rally in Manila in March is a clear sign of her involvement in activities unfavorable to the current administration.

The call for Duterte’s resignation from the education department stems from criticism voiced also by First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos. She denounced Duterte’s reaction to her father, former president Rodrigo Duterte, calling President Marcos “bangag” (stoned) during a rally in Davao City.

Mrs. Marcos expressed her discomfort in interacting with Duterte following this incident.

The First Lady did not mince words when she expressed her disappointment at Vice President Sara Duterte, saying the latter crossed the line for laughing at insinuations that the President is a “drug user”.

“Bad shot na yan sa akin (She’s a bad shot to me),” Mrs. Marcos said in a teaser video of her interview with “TUNE in kay Tunying.”

“I was hurt because my husband will do everything to protect you… You ran together, right? (You said) we will rise together again.”

Shortly after the former President’s tirades, Davao City Mayor Sebastian Duterte, called on the President to resign.

“You’re laughing—is that the proper thing to do? Even Leni Robredo never did that,” she added.

In February, the Vice President said all is well between her and President Marcos, but declined to comment on the status of her ties with the First Lady.

Credit belongs to : www.manilastandard.net

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