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Draw strength, inspiration from Nazarene — Marcos

Charles Dantes

President Marcos urged the public to draw inspiration and strength from the Feast of the Black Nazarene, as the country celebrated the occasion Tuesday.

“Beyond the extraordinary expressions of reverence that we see on display during this event, the festivities show us the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ who willingly offered Himself to make us whole once more,” Mr. Marcos said in a short message.

The President also urged the faithful to reflect on the virtue of embracing suffering, as it is during moments of hardship that one undergoes renewal and spiritual transformation.

“By working through our struggles and difficulties, we discover our inner strength and resolve, emerging from the pits of darkness and despair with a renewed sense of hope and purpose,” Mr. Marcos said.

The head of state also encouraged the faithful to strengthen their connection with God and become advocates for peace, unity, and compassion in the lives of Filipinos and the nation.

“With our faith guiding our every word and deed, I am certain that we will build a brighter future for our nation and create a world where love, kindness, and harmony reign supreme,” the President said.

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