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Father’s Day: Dad jokes have benefits — studies

MANILA, Philippines — Studies claimed that dad jokes have their benefits.

A study published last March by the British Psychological Society claimed that dad jokes have the potential to make children better humans.

Humor researcher Marc Hye-Knudsen wrote that dad jokes benefit children as the act shows how father figures are willing to embarrass themselves. Hye-Knudsen added that this allows the child to learn how to respond to awkwardness brought about by the earnest humor of a dad joke.

Meanwhile, a Wall Street Journal article in 2019 said dad jokes can create better bonds between parents and their children.

Besides the love and support they provide the family, fathers are famous — or maybe infamous — for their dad jokes.

Accordingly, dad jokes are supposedly bad jokes that are typically short, predictable and usually puns. It argued that these jokes are so sincere and earnest in their desire to make one laugh that they cannot help but cringe or are deliberately bad with the intent of drawing a negative reaction.

Love them or hate them, there is no better way to celebrate dad’s jokes — and dad himself — than with a thoughtful gift this Father’s Day.

Gift the main man of the house with new gadgets, treat him to a well-deserved vacation, or make his tummy happy with sumptuous food.

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