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FDCP celebrates Pride with ‘Pelikulaya’

Under the banner of “Mga Kuwentong Mapagpalaya” (Liberating Stories), the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) joins the global celebration of Pride Month with Pelikulaya, a special exhibition of LGBTQIA+-themed films that intimately explore the realities and narratives of community members. The event is scheduled to run from June 23 to 30.

Through this curated program, the FDCP aims to spotlight this underrepresented group fostering a better comprehension of inclusivity, diversity and equality.

Wong Kar Wai’s ‘Happy Together’ PHOTO FROM IMDB
Wong Kar Wai's 'Happy Together' PHOTO FROM IMDB

At a media conference on Wednesday, filmmaker Joey Reyes, FDCP's technical consultant, however, expressed a more encouraging view of the community's standing in society today.

“I don't believe the LGBTQIA+ community can still be considered marginalized since they are highly visible. But they still need to be acknowledged. Recognition stems not only from how we treat them in real life but also from the diverse art forms in which they are represented.”

“Secondly,” he continued, “the entire LGBTQIA+ process is maturing and evolving, and it is imperative for us to capture that. Thirdly, in my personal opinion, our country tolerates the LGBTQIA+ community, but there is a stark contrast between tolerance and acceptance. We must strive to move towards acceptance rather than mere tolerance. It all boils down to representation because the portrayal of LGBTQ characters must evolve beyond being mere jesters or clowns. They need to be recognized as fully realized human beings, capable of deep emotions and profound seriousness.”

Pelikulaya commences with a special screening of Wong Kar Wai's “Happy Together,” presented in a digitally restored and remastered format, which will take place on June 23 at Shangri-La Plaza.

The lineup will be screened at various Cinematheque Centers across Manila, Davao, Iloilo, Nabunturan, and Negros, as well as select cinemas in Metro Manila, including Cinema '76 and UP Film Institute's Cine Adarna/Videotheque.

Several titles will also be available for streaming on JuanFlix via www.iuanflix.com.ph starting June 30, with subscription plans as low as P99 per month.

For viewers in Manila, tickets can be purchased through https://bitly/CCManilaTickets.

The complete list of Pelikulaya 2023 titles is as follows for onsite screenings at the Cinematheque Centers nationwide: Happy Together” by Wong Kar Wai, “Girl” by Lukas Dhont, “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” by Celine Sciamma, “Women Do Cry” by Vesela Kazako and Mina Mileva, “Billie and Emma” by Samantha Lee, “Mamu, and a Mother Too” by Rod Singh, “Metamorphosis” by J.E. Tiglao, “The Boy Foretold by the Stars” by Dolly Dulu, and “Manila By Night” by Ishmael Bernal (free screening).

For free screenings of award-winning short films at the Cinematheque Centers nationwide: “Alingasngas ng mga Kuliglig” by Vahn Leinard Pascual, “Love in the Ungodly Hour” by Bradley Jason Pantajo, “Dikit” by Gabriela Serrano, “Gulis” by Kyle Jumayne Francisco, and “Noontime Drama” by Kim Timan.”

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