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Heart Evangelista collaborates with Italian luxury brand Fornasetti

MANILA, Philippines — Art and creativity come together where opulence and popularity meet, as Opulence Design Concept, the exclusive Philippine distributor of luxury European home décor brands including Fornasetti, makes possible a historic collaboration between Fornasetti and international celebrity and fashion icon Heart Evangelista.

As its first agenda, the actress visited the enchanting Casa Fornasetti in Milan, Italy, news of which have been publicly released through a teaser video posted by Heart on her Instagram account.

Casa Fornasetti, which serves as the seat of the Fornasetti design family, is like a grand museum that can be found in the house built in in Milan’s Città Studi neighborhood in the late 19th century by Pietro Fornasetti. The house, surrounded by a lush garden characterized by towering hydrangeas, easily became a sanctuary for his son Piero Fornasetti’s creativity and artistry.

Piero harnessed his talents, particularly in art, printing and design, and successfully created an atelier in the house in 1940, which marked the dawn of the Fornasetti design firm. Back then, the firm had a small core group that worked on ceramics, upholstery fabrics, carpets, wall coverings and other design items that bore the unmistakable Fornasetti imprint. The company has grown through the years and the brand now runs a global business.

Today, Fornasetti is managed by Piero’s son, Barnaba Fornasetti, who took over the business when Piero Fornasetti passed away in 1988. He brought his own artistic prowess into the design firm and led the charge in the development of not only the brand but also of the grand house museum.

Imagination meets design

In this artistic sanctuary, Heart, Opulence Design Concept and Barnaba Fornasetti converged to craft a new chapter in the annals of opulent design. This collaboration marks the first time that Fornasetti has ever entered into an international partnership with a celebrity and allowed a shoot to take place at the grand house museum of the Fornasetti family.

As seen in the teaser video, the fashion icon-artist Heart Evangelista elegantly strolls through the surreal Casa Fornasetti, offering a sneak peek into the enchanting Fornasetti courtyard garden, the Casa's living room, the staircase adorned with the "Gerusalemme" wallpaper, and her interaction with the iconic Fornasetti porcelain pieces.

There is so much more to see and experience, as Casa Fornasetti features an archive of 13,000 objects, which includes ceramics, wall coverings, upholstery fabrics and carpets — all bearing the unmistakable Fornasetti imprint.

In her post, Evangelista describes Casa Fornasetti as “a magical place where imagination meets design. Opulence [Design Concept] gave me the opportunity to visit the heart of the Fornasetti archive and immerse myself in an alluring world full of art and decor. My journey with Opulence and Fornasetti has just started. Stay tuned for more details soon…"

This is her way of letting the public in on the new and exciting project that the collaboration will work on for the coming holiday season.

“This collaboration is a big feat for Opulence Design Concept, and we are truly honored to be granted this amazing opportunity, especially bringing together a highly luxurious brand and the one and only Heart Evangelista,” said Gerry Sy, owner of Opulence Design Concept.

He added: “We will remain steadfast in our commitment to bring the best of Italian design to the Philippines.”

As an exclusive distributor of Fornasetti products in the Philippines, Opulence Design Concept is curating an exquisite selection of Fornasetti’s surrealist motifs, including its porcelain plates featuring the face of opera singer Lina Cavalieri.

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