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Herald Suites’ Hatsu Hana Tei resto adheres to five laws of Japanese cooking

for Herald Suites

MANILA, Philippines — The resilience of Japanese cuisine and its extensive history of food culture has made its culinary sphere one of the widest-reaching and most fascinating in the world today!

Because of its adherence to simplicity and natural flavors and the emphasis on seasonality, beauty and balance; Japanese food remains at par, if not on top of international cuisines.

Herald Suites Japanese restaurant Hatsu Hana Tei has kept true to these tenets.

Its menu carries all the traditional and popular dishes like sushi, sashimi, sukiyaki, tempura, soba, while including regional variations and new interpretations rooted in Japanese cooking techniques.

Hatsu Hana Tei’s Executive Chef Koichi Kondo adheres to “Five Laws” of Japanese cooking: cutting, simmering, grilling, steaming and frying. These methods remain the essence of Japanese food culture, which and makes it unique while also lending itself to delicious innovations.

Taste the Five Laws when you have sashimi or sushi and delicate ingredients precisely sliced and cut; sukiyaki meat and vegetables unhurriedly simmering in an umami-rich broth; yakiniku or yakitori charcoal grilled pork, chicken or seafood; steamed savory egg custard chawan mushi; and tempura morsels of seafood and vegetables coated in a light airy batter and deep fried.

While eating, all five senses come to play: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Hatsu Hana Tei serves these all up and many more delightful dishes in simple and refined surroundings.

While its extensive menu will surprise you, at Hatsu Han Tei you will dine and experience omotenashi, an elevated form of hospitality in which the guest’s happiness is the focus of all action and thought.

Hatsu Hana-Tei Restaurant is located at 2F Herald Suites, Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati. For reservations, call (632) 7759 6388, (0917) 316-9250 (Globe/Viber) or (0939) 938-3718 (Smart).

Editor’s Note: This press release is sponsored by Herald Suites. It is published by the Advertising Content Team that is independent from our Editorial Newsroom.

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