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Jasmine Yen and her multifaceted musicality

SINGAPORE: Jasmine Yen, daughter of renowned Hong Kong actor and martial artist Donnie Yen, has burst onto the music scene with her debut single “IDK,” a pop-R&B anthem that reflects her journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.

Starting her musical exploration at a tender age, Yen's innate talent for composing and songwriting quickly became apparent. Her dedication to her craft has yielded a remarkable 30 songs composed during the challenges of the pandemic. Embracing the power of music as a means of expression, Jasmine aims to inspire a generation of bold and confident young women through her creations.

With influences ranging from punk rock to R&B, Jasmine Yen’s musical palette promises to captivate and engage audiences across different tastes.

Her single, “IDK,” captures the essence of her journey. The song delves into the emotional landscape of doubt within a relationship, only to evolve into a narrative of self-empowerment and self-love. With poignant lyrics, “IDK” delivers a clear message to girls in love: Prioritize your own happiness and self-worth. The song's essence embodies the idea that loving others starts with loving oneself.

In an exclusive interview with The Manila Times' Music Geek, Yen shared insights into her creative process and the genesis of “IDK.” Recounting the moment of its conception, she says, “I wrote this the first day I arrived in LA and so I was very jet-lagged. But I think sometimes writing songs like that is good because you don't think too much.”

Despite her sleep-deprived state, the Hong Kong-born artist found that this allowed her to express her true feelings without overthinking. The songwriting session marked her introduction to RCA and symbolized the beginning of her collaboration with the label.

“So when I was freestyling at that moment, I hummed out the words: 'I think we have a problem here,' which incidentally became the first line of the song.”

Yen's artistic journey extends beyond language barriers. While she originally embarked on her songwriting journey in English during her time in LA, she later decided to infuse bilingual elements into her album. Her ability to seamlessly blend different languages and styles demonstrates her versatility as an artist.

Reflecting on her growth as a songwriter, she discussed her evolution from capturing feelings through melodies to honing her lyrical prowess. Inspired by the depth and conciseness of poetry, she emphasized the importance of crafting meaningful and impactful lyrics. Jasmine's creative process varies, with some days yielding clear inspiration and others relying on collaborative exploration in the studio.

Yen's inspirations are diverse and eclectic. She cites iconic figures like Aretha Franklin for her soulful wisdom-infused voice and Beyoncé for her unmatched stage presence.

“Her stage presence is insane, and I just hope to do that too,” Jasmine exclaims, manifesting her aspiration to create electrifying performances. The artist's passion for connecting with her audience shines through as she discusses her goals. “You know, even listening to other people's music, the words, and singing it out loud. It really helped me because even now it's hard for me sometimes to express my feelings so I really resonate with music. I really hope I do the same for others,” she said.

Music has been a guiding force in Jasmine's life, helping her navigate emotions and express feelings she found difficult to articulate otherwise. She aspires to connect with her audience on a personal level, hoping that her music becomes a source of solace and understanding for others, just as it has been for her.

“Listening to music, relating to the words, and singing out loud, really helped me because even now it's hard for me sometimes to express my feelings so I resonate with the music. I hope I can do the same for others,” she said.

Looking ahead, Jasmine has ambitious plans for her musical career. She envisions her upcoming album to be a diverse yet cohesive representation of her youthful perspective, offering a range of genres and emotions that listeners can relate to. With influences ranging from punk rock to R&B, Jasmine's musical palette promises to captivate and engage audiences across different tastes.

“It's a mix of different genres, but at the same time if you put it together, it kind of makes sense. Like going into the mind of a 19-year-old,” Jasmine explained. Whether channeling the energy of Sum 41 and Paramore or embracing an Avril Lavigne or Blink 182 vibe, Jasmine's musical identity is rich and ever-evolving.

Jasmine Yen's debut single “idk” and her upcoming album hold the promise of an artist who is unafraid to experiment, share her emotions, and connect with listeners on a profound level. With her authentic voice and diverse influences, she is poised to make her mark on the music world.

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