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Kissflow to revolutionize business applications development in the Philippines

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Kissflow, a revolutionary low-code and no-code platform, is changing the game for businesses in the Philippines by enabling them to build custom applications with unprecedented speed and ease. The platform allows businesses to develop custom applications without the need for extensive coding, saving them valuable time and resources.

Traditionally, creating such applications could take years, but with Kissflow, it can be accomplished in just a few weeks (or months), providing a significant competitive advantage. The company has shown a strong commitment to the Philippines market by opening a physical presence in Manila and hiring a country manager dedicated to serving local clients. The firm has been actively working in the local market for at least five (05) years, focusing on various industries, including banking, manufacturing, insurance, oil and gas, and e-commerce.

“What (development) companies can do in ten months, we can do it in one month. When our competitors require a professionally trained, skilled person that probably takes six months to learn the platform and build a solution, Kissflow takes hardly two days to a week for the same person to build applications,” according to Suresh Sambandam, CEO of Kissflow as he shared how his company is making a significant impact on the local enterprise market. He also highlighted several high-profile clients benefiting from their innovative approach.

Among Kissflow’s notable clients is the Bank of the Philippines (BPI), which has a substantial enterprise implementation with close to 20,000 users and over 500 processes implemented on the platform. Energy Development Corporation (EDC) has been using Kissflow for the past half a decade, while convenience store giant 7-Eleven uses the platform for inventory management and communication in its over 1,000 stores.

Sambandam added that the key role that Kissflow plays is in the “system of differentiation and innovation,” — acting as the middle layer that often requires a high degree of customization and application development. According to this CEO, to compete effectively in a market with slim profit margins, businesses must adopt technology-centric approaches, including automation and data analytics. These tools can help reduce operational overheads and improve gross and net margins, making them more competitive in the market.

The Kissflow executive also touched on the potential of Generative AI and chat interfaces to enhance the customer experience in the eCommerce sector. The use of AI-driven chat interfaces can provide real-time assistance and improve the overall shopping experience for customers. He encourages smaller retailers to focus on niche markets to compete effectively against larger platforms (like Amazon). By identifying underserved niches and tailoring their offerings to specific customer needs, these businesses can thrive and provide unique value to their customers.

Kissflow is making waves in the Philippines and beyond by offering businesses the tools they need to excel in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Their low-code and no-code platform is revolutionizing application development, and their commitment to the Philippines market is evident in the success of their numerous clients.

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