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Lorna Tolentino sees Sylvia Sanchez as mentor

MORE than chasing her directorial dream, Lorna Tolentino is setting her sights on producing movies. The one-time-grand slam actress admits to drawing her inspiration from Sylvia Sanchez who she considers her mentor in this new field she's determined to embark on.

This is the reason why LT asked Sylvia to tag her along to the Cannes Film Festival last May to familiarize herself with the movie production and marketing aspects.

True to her many a feminist film in the past, Lorna has in mind producing yet another woman-centered film. According to her, not only will she bankroll the project but she will also star in it. So will Sylvia.

Lorna Tolentino is setting her sights on producing movies and she considers Sylvia Sanchez as her mentor in this new field. INSTAGRAM PHOTOS/ LORNATOLENTINOF, SYLVIASANCHEZ_A

Does this mean that LT is reviving Reflection Films, the movie outfit she and her late husband Rudy Fernandez put up during the '90s? It will be recalled that the couple headlined “Ayaw Matulog ng Gabi,” among the films it produced.

“Ibyang and I have already agreed, she will be my teacher in this endeavor,” Lorna beamed.

If we're not mistaken, the friendship between LT and Sylvia goes as far back as the Star Olympics, a project of the then-active Actors' Guild.

Both shared a common passion in playing volleyball, and how they wowed their peers and fans alike with their impressive performance at every game.

With LT's focus on producing movies this time around, however, that will mean having to set aside taking a stab at directing.

Perhaps she sure knows where she can be more successful at, at the same time provide jobs to fellow industry workers.

Following in the footsteps of Mother Lily? You bet she is!

* * *

ALREADY over the hill, former Viva Hot Babes member Katya Santos is not ashamed to admit that the film offers that come her way are mostly mother roles.

In fact, she already is herself to a 14-year-old daughter named Tala by her estranged husband Anton de los Reyes, a member of Mapua University coaching staff.

As her daughter's name suggests, it serves as Katya's guide to navigate single parenthood.

Katya Santos is never wont to share with the public that it was her hasty decision to get married that plunged her to trouble. INSTAGRAM PHOTO/SIMPLYKATYA

Katya is never wont to share with the public that it was her hasty decision to get married that plunged her to trouble.

Back when she was still single, her idea of marriage was fairy tale-like where two people “lived happily ever after” only to realize it was a nightmare.

So much like her former Viva Hot Babes co-member Maui Taylor, Katya's marriage to Anton was nothing but short-lived. They got hitched in 2013, and got separated three years later.

“My mistake,” Katya recounts, “was not getting to know the man I married well enough.”

Like any other separated wife's realization, things between a couple run differently when sharing the same roof: “That's where the true nature of each other will come out.”

One nice thing about Katya is that she's likewise taking the blame on herself for the failed marriage. What appears, however, to be the disturbing part in their post-relationship is getting her marriage annulled.

“Because my emotions are also affected, aside from the overwhelming and tedious process,” she whinges.

But if there's one thing that is worthy of admiration about her is Katya's pragmatic stand on Anton's supposed financial support.

“As in he gives none. If he gives support, thank you. But if none, that's also okay. I refuse to stress myself out. After all, I work to be able to support my daughter,” Katya boasts.

An authority in her own right for other women to follow suit, Katya's advice is to get to know the man before deciding to settle down with them.

“Maybe if I had agreed to a live-in setup first, things would have been different, but my parents didn't allow me to do so.”

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