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Maui Taylor finds peace and fulfillment amid separation

COMPARED to how she was some years ago, Maui Taylor couldn't be any happier and more fulfilled now. Not only is her career going great guns, the former Viva Hot Babes member has — thank heavens — freed herself from what looked like an awkward living arrangement with her ex-husband.

It was shortly after Holy Week when the 39-year-old actress ended her 10-year marriage to a non-showbiz guy. Early on, Maui shared with an online entertainment news outlet how peculiar their setup was.

The former Viva Hot Babes member has freed herself from what looked like an awkward living arrangement with her ex-husband. INSTAGRAM PHOTO/THEREALMAUITAYLOR

“The first seven years was okay. But the three months that followed, that's the time we both decided to part ways,” Maui recounted.

The weird part, however, was that the ex-husband didn't make her leave the house, “Instead, we were still living under one roof only that I stayed and slept in a separate room with the boys.”

The boys Maui was referring to are their sons who were practically clueless about their parents' separation.

Didn't her kids at some point ask her why she chose to share the same bed with them?

“They were asking me, but all I say is that I got vertigo, which is also true. As much as we could, we didn't let the children feel that we have separated.”

All throughout that three-year period, Maui and her ex-partner had managed to keep their setup under the rug.

None of their boys ever suspected that their daddy and mommy were no longer the sweet, clingy couple they used to see. In fact, not a day passed without Maui and the guy doing the same normal thing.

“We were perfectly composed in every action. As usual, we would all gather at the dinner table, engage in conversations. Just casual. Hardly did the guy and I show any sign that something was wrong.”

Even with the way Maui dealt with her ex and vice versa remained the same.

“Except that we didn't ask each other questions. You know, in a married couple, the wife would usually ask, 'How was your day at the office?; or in my case, he wouldn't ask me how the film shoot went. It was strictly a no questions asked situation.”

Seemingly tired of the odd setup, Maui finally hit rock bottom. She woke up one day realizing how pointless it was to endure such an arrangement any longer.

If I may backtrack, while she was telling all this, not once has Maui hinted at the cause of their falling-out.

Did Maui's sexy screen image have anything to do with it? If so, wasn't her ex-husband aware of this prior to their marriage? It appears, however, Maui couldn't care less whatever the guy's reason was.

The more important thing is that she's way past that awful stage to prepare herself for the imminent challenges of being a solo parent.

* * *

GUESS WHO? This elderly female personality's (EFP) seeming inactivity these days makes her concerned friends (CF) happy.

Ask anyone of the CF and you'll get this for an answer pointblank: “We've been telling EFP to retire for a long time now. There's nothing left to prove anyway.”

The EFP, however, would always turn a deaf ear, and why?

“Where else can you find someone as old as EFP still providing for the needs of her children? She can't retire because of that, while all of her contemporaries are already living a quiet life, just enjoying themselves or traveling around,” the same CF revealed.

The EFP reportedly moved in to a smaller house rather than maintaining her residence too big for her and her house help, also to avoid incurring huge overhead expenses.

One of her children has long been separated from his wife who allegedly left him for being lazy to work and having no sense of responsibility.

Credit belongs to : www.manilatimes.net

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