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Meta now allows deleting Threads without taking IG with it


A while back, when it seemed the future of X–then Twitter–was sliding down a cliff to be forgotten in a chasm, people were hungry for an alternative. A lot has stepped up. But it was Meta’s Threads that drew an entire flock.

Through all of the excitement, though, what some of us missed here is when you have a Threads account, it is connected to your Instagram account–maybe because, and just perhaps, I am speculating, Threads is located within Instagram–and so, when some of us realized there wasn’t anything significant going on in Threads, and it may be, a little bit boring to doomscroll in, and you decide to delete your Threads account, you will learn, you will also be losing your Instagram account.

Talk about a douche move.

Now, thankfully, Meta has rolled out an update that will allow you to delete your Threads without dragging down your IG. Just head over to the Settings Menu and look for “Delete or Deactivate.”

Apparently, it is not available for everyone just yet. But it is rolling out slowly across devices and regions. Perhaps Meta’s way of slowing down an exodus?

Meta has also mentioned about providing more control for users–as it should–allowing people the freedom not to link Threads to Facebook and Instagram.

This could be the first major update from Threads. Other features, such as hashtags and DMs, are expected to roll out soon.

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