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Moms, last chance to avail yourself of Kumon’s Level Up New Student Promo!

MANILA, Philippines — As another school year comes to an end, you're probably wondering, "Is there a way to make the next academic year more enjoyable and productive for my child?"

The answer is a "Yes!" But first, you will need to assess your child's current capabilities. What are their strengths, learning style and mastery level?

As busy parents, it's not always easy to gauge these aspects on our own. That's where a supplementary learning experience can make all the difference, helping kids expand their mastery while discovering newfound confidence and independence.

This is where Kumon steps in, with its Math and Reading programs that can prepare kids for the next school year, or even beyond their grade level.

Curious parents who enroll their kids in Kumon see for themselves how it transforms students into self-learners who set their own academic goals.

Think of Kumon as a game where students progress through different levels, advancing their mathematical skills and reading abilities. The journey begins with a quick diagnostic test, which is absolutely free until June 30. This assessment determines the child's "just right" level for their study plan.

Every day, for 30 minutes per subject, the child will answer worksheets and master each set before going to the next level. The idea is to develop mastery of the basics needed to tackle advanced topics, letting kids learn patience and diligence, especially with lessons they think are difficult.

Twice a week, a Kumon teacher will facilitate the class, either through face to face or online instruction, wherein he or she will evaluate the past worksheets, provide feedback and give reminders for the homework.

On the remaining days, the student has to do the worksheets at home—with parents’ guidance.

This is how Kumon instills good study habits in children, allowing them to improve their academic skills and, more importantly, become emotionally intelligent, goal-oriented and independent learners.

Global, individualized learning

What sets Kumon apart is its individualized learning method. It's not bound by a school's curriculum, allowing your child to start below their grade level and continuously progress beyond it, even during school breaks.

Imagine a four-year-old who can't read or perform simple addition today, surpassing first-grade topics within a year.

Moreover, Kumon celebrates such achievements with the Advanced Student Honor Roll, recognizing children who study one, two, three or even five years above their school grade level.

Children of all ages are welcome in Kumon, and you can start preparing for their future success with the Level Up New Student Promo. Until June 30, avail of free diagnostic test, free registration fee worth P500 and a free Kumon bag.

As parents, nothing beats seeing your children level up confidently, achieve their true potential and be the best version of themselves.

The time is now to let Kumon teach your child the joy of learning—not just for the next school year, but for a lifetime.

Got lingering questions about the Kumon programs, Kumon Centers nearest you and the enrolment process? Fill out the inquiry form at https://ph.kumonglobal.com/levelupnsp.

To learn more, visit https://ph.kumonglobal.com/ or follow Kumon Philippines on Facebook.

Credit belongs to : www.philstar.com

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