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Moving forward through time

Enter, curious minds, into this magnificent time machine as we go over the history of watches.

Our journey begins as far back as the days of early civilization. Let’s start by visiting prehistoric England. While its existence is largely a mystery, some historians have theorized that Stonehenge was utilized as an observatory, used to keep track of the seasons. These are mostly speculation, however, as there are no written records from these times.

PRAISE THE SUN Sundials utilize the sun and the shadows it casts to determine the time

Let us now move forward to a time when civilizations have started to write about their developments. It is now 1500 B.C. in ancient Egypt, the furthest time in history the existence of the sundial can be pinpointed. Sundials tell the time by utilizing the sun’s light and referring to the shadows it casts. Egypt is also responsible for another ancient method of telling time, the water clock. Water clocks can tell time depending on how much water is left inside or poured outside of the container. Markings inside the container depict the time based on the amount of water inside the container.

MECHANICAL INNOVATIONS An early example of the mechanical clock, the Salisbury Cathedral clock

is considered the oldest working clock in the world (Photo Salisbury Cathedral | YouTube)

Let’s take another big jump, this time to the late 13th century in Western Europe when mechanical clocks started to make an appearance. The earliest designs relied only on bells that would ring every hour. References to such devices can even be seen in the third part of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, Paradiso, where he encounters souls in heaven positioned similar to those of a clock’s face.

REACH IN YOUR POCKET Pocketwatches were the go-to choice for easy access to timekeeping before wristwatches entered the market

Fast forward to the 16th century, the pocket watch has found its place in the history of timetelling. It’s considered a predecessor to the wristwatch due to its easy accessibility. These would stay in style until around the 19th century as wristwatches became the preferred choice.

Today, watches have so advanced that we now have the ability to use them as more than just a simple timekeeping device. With the advent of smartwatches, you can now keep your blood pressure in check, keep track of your sleeping hours, be notified of emails, and many more.

THE FUTURE IS NOW The Huawei Watch GT4 series is a brand new entry into the growing smartwatch industry

Such key assets are present in this new smartwatch line, the Huawei Watch GT4. The new collection places a focus on moving fashion forward by letting customers experience the cutting-edge features of each piece in the collection. It comes in two sizes, 46mm and 41mm, and seven different colorways to choose from.

The Huawei Watch GT4 series is great for keeping track of your health as it comes with Pulse Wave Arrhythmia Analysis, a method to take note of any irregularities in your heartbeat. It also has the ability to keep track of a woman’s menstrual cycle by analyzing the user’s heart rate during sleep, body temperature, breathing rate, and more. There are also built-in applications that allow users to tweak and take note of their fitness routines. It will even offer insights to help fine-tune and monitor workouts and heart rate patterns.

MOVING FASHION FORWARD From left: LA Aguinaldo, Pinky Tobiano, Angelina Cruz, and Santino Rosales

The best part of the Huawei Watch GT4 series is maybe its ability to sync with either Android or iOS devices. This allows users the flexibility to choose their ecosystem without compromising on privacy and data security. It also has a battery life of up to 14 days of usage on the 46mm and seven days on the 41mm, meaning you don’t have to worry much over having to charge it daily.

HUAWEI’S FATHER TIME Huawei Philippines Consumer Business Group country head Peter Peng


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