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Moving toys safely: Siblings find success in collectible figurine business 

MANILA, Philippines — Filipino artist Juanito "Quiccs" Maiquez is a force to be reckoned with in the collectible figurine market. His dynamic collection has gained international recognition for his unique style and iconic character designs that combine elements of urban street culture and the futuristic world of mecha.

Maiquez's eponymous toy brand, known among collectors as Quiccs, has since built a cult following in the urban vinyl and design toy scene, as it continues to capture the imagination of enthusiasts worldwide.

Providing unwavering support for Maiquez is his tenacious younger sister, Angel "Luday" Maiquez-Guiang, who is steering the brand’s marketing and logistics and, as such, is helping propel Quiccs Toys to new heights.

She shares her brother’s passion and understanding of Quiccs Toys’ target audience and is equally committed to sharing her brother’s artistry with toy enthusiasts in a manner that meets their stringent expectations.

The biggest challenge in their line of business is shipping delicate and valuable collectible figurines to collectors across the Philippines. The items should arrive at their destination in good condition, without damage or any other problems. Toy collectors are very particular about that.

Initially, Maiquez-Guiang entrusted delivery to motorcycle riders. It is an expedient solution that proved to be inefficient and risky, given the care that needed to go into each of their packages.

Striking the right partnership

The turning point came when she "discovered" LBC Business Solutions.

By tapping the courier, Quiccs can now ship up to 100 toys per day, extending its reach to collectors in more regions around the Philippines. Maiquez-Guiang said that she has achieved "invaluable" peace of mind and no longer weighed down by shipping concerns.

The entrepreneurial journey of the Maiquez siblings serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere. Their story demonstrates that embracing innovative solutions and knowing whom to partner with can make a world of difference for a brand. By exploring new options and remaining open to change, entrepreneurs can unlock their full potential and chart a course to lasting success.

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