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Mural festival brings splash of colour to Halifax streets

Walls along Quinpool Road are now home to many of Halifax's latest works of public art as 19 new murals were unveiled on Saturday.

'The energy is positive. The other artists are friendly. It's always a pleasure,' artist says

A semi-abstract depiction of fishing boats with a lighthouse done primarily in blues, umber and red.

Quinpool Road in Halifax welcomed 19 new murals on Saturday with live performances, face painting and games.

The murals are part of the second Halifax Mural Festival.

In addition to the murals on Quinpool, there are 13 new murals on Grafton Street, nine along the waterfront and one new installation on Gottingen Street, according to festival organizer Michael Burt.

Burt, who is a full-time artist, said the previous festival saw about 25 murals created.

The walls were made available by local businesses.

Despite days of rain, artists have been at work since Monday to get their murals ready.

Burt said the festival's purpose is to beautify the city and provide artists with an opportunity to build their portfolio by having their work on public display.

Burt said the he was grateful for his continued partnership with the local business association.

"I hope to continue on Quinpool for a long time," he said. "We're going to start doing some tours here because, with the two years combined, we have over 30 murals on this one road now."

Burt said he runs most of the festival himself. He chooses the artists based on word of mouth and through contacts.

He said as he has "an eye for it" as an artist. Once he has identified potential participants, he follows up to determine if they wish to participate.

He said he plans to develop tours so that people can learn more about the artists involved and their murals.

Montreal-based artist Bosny created two murals for the festival — one on Quinpool as his main project and another of actor Elliot Page on Grafton Street.

Bosny, who has done murals elsewhere, said the Halifax festival is one of his favourites.

"People are welcoming," Bosny said in French. "The energy is positive. The other artists are friendly. It's always a pleasure. It's a nice community and the murals are magnificent."

He said he chose to paint Page because he wanted to put someone on the wall who came from Halifax so the community could see them.

Karla Nicholson, the executive director of the Quinpool Road Mainstreet District Association, said the festival garners media attention and brings a lot more people to the street.

"I want to see it again next year and I want to see it again all over the city." Nicholson said. "It's all about Halifax."


With files from Kheira Morellon

Credit belongs to : www.cbc.ca

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