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Myths, folklore take center stage at 2023 Opulence Halloween Ball

MANILA, Philippines — The Opulence Halloween Ball made a grand return four years after its inception, as celebrity guests donned costumes and outfits resembling figures from mythology and folklore all over the world.

The ball's co-producer Mond Gutierrez kicked off the black carpet arrivals last October 31 at Taguig's Marquis Events Place wearing golden armor designed by Bonito Penaranda.

Among the early surprises was fashion designer Rajo Laurel, who was wearing his own version of the god of love, Cupid, waving his pink dress as he posed for photos.

LOOK: Celebrity couples KC Montero & Stephanie Dods and Aubrey Miles & Troy Montero hit the Opulence Ball’s black carpet. @PhilstarShowbiz@PhilstarStyle@PhilstarNewspic.twitter.com/knkBo0yw2s

— Kristofer Purnell (@kjpurneII) October 31, 2023

A number of celebrity couples were also among the first arrivals, including KC Montero and Stephanie Dods, Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero, and Mond's own parents, Annabelle Rama and Eddie Gutierrez.

Other couples in attendance were Drs. Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo as celestial gods for the sun and stars; Angelique Manto wearing a dragon on her chest as a symbol for strength and David Guison as Hermes and James Reid and Issa Pressman as Hades and Persephone, the god and goddess of the Underworld.

"Drag Race Philippines" contestants Marina Summers, M1ss Jade So and ØV Cünt each had their own interpretations of the ball's theme.

WATCH: Chie Filomeno is also wearing a modern version of Medusa, explaining she wants to present the Gorgon as a goddess rather than a monster. @PhilstarShowbiz@PhilstarStyle@PhilstarNewspic.twitter.com/dQrtzKGy6A

— Kristofer Purnell (@kjpurneII) October 31, 2023

Marina went as a statue since that is how people perceive mythological figures today, while M1ss Jade wore a daring outfit made from neon rosaries, dubbing herself "the female Jesus, Goddessa."

Perhaps even more daring than M1ss Jade was young actress Andrea Brillantes as the biblical figure Lilith, finishing off her look with an actual 10-foot albino ball python draped around her body.

Actresses Kaila Estrada and Chie Filomeno both went as Gen Z versions of the Gorgon Medusa — Kaila's Ushi Sato outfit meant to present Medusa in the present day as a sparkly, glowing party girl, while Chie's modern take is of Medusa as a goddess rather than a monster.

LOOK: Solenn Heussaff is dressed up as her “Encantadia” character Cassiopea while Vice Ganda is wearing an outfit inspired by the Greek goddess of the soul Psyche. @PhilstarShowbiz@PhilstarStyle@PhilstarNewspic.twitter.com/fgVT0ELsK8

— Kristofer Purnell (@kjpurneII) October 31, 2023

Mond later returned to the black carpet to accompany actor Piolo Pascual, the two joking that the latter's upcoming film, "Mallari," and Mond himself were inspirations behind his handsy outfit for the night.

Unique outfits included Max Collins as the Greek goddess of snow Khione; Solenn Heussaff dressed up as her "Encantadia" character Cassiopea; Vice Ganda as the Greek goddess of the soul Psyche; Rhian Ramos as "Lord of the Rings" character Arwen; Mond's sister Ruffa in a golden dress by Jop Dacon inspired by the Egyptian queen Cleopatra and Kylie Verzosa in an outfit inspired by water "as an Aquarius."

LOOK: Celebrity couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia and Mond’s twin brother Richard Gutierrez bring up the rear of the Opulence Ball 2023 black carpet. @PhilstarShowbiz@PhilstarStyle@PhilstarNewspic.twitter.com/ljfDcpTIUa

— Kristofer Purnell (@kjpurneII) October 31, 2023

Celebrity photographer BJ Pascual wore a blended outfit between an angel and a devil — he had flesh wings for ears and hooves instead of feet — but secretly admitted he just "wanted to dress up like a slut."

Miss Universe 2022 Celeste Cortesi also attended the ball and gave her thoughts on her successor Michelle Dee's chances in Miss Universe 2023; Michelle would have likely attended but her flight to El Salvador for the Miss Universe 2023 pageant was a day before the ball.

Celebrity couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia and aptly enough Mond’s twin brother, Richard Gutierrez, closed the black carpet arrivals in their eye-catching outfits.

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