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One good deed a day —Boy’s new advocacy

The King of Talk Boy Abunda is spearheading a movement that encourages people from all walks of life to practice doing one good deed every single day with the intention of spreading positivity and eventually, creating a better world to live in.

Just one good deed a day can make an impact and inspire a feeling of purpose in you as well.

Dubbed as Just One, Isa Lang Movement, it is about doing something good towards a person every day until it creates a wave that keeps rolling.

‘The King of Talk’ Boy Abunda

“Doing good is the antidote of toxicity. So, let's do something good, just one good deed a day because I believe that negativity cannot survive gratitude and goodness,” Abunda said.

Through this call for people to translate their kindness into action, Abunda is certain that it will make a lot of difference. He has observed how some people nowadays have become so unmindful of the effect of their harsh actions or hurting words towards others specifically on social media.

Thus, he came up with this idea to start doing this 'just one, isa lang' movement, believing that a person tends to act unselfishly when he/she gets to see others do the same.

A simple gesture of smiling at someone inside the elevator or seeing a driver a few cars in front purposely slow down to let a car make a right turn is enough to rub a positive vibe to another.

One small good deed can cause a ripple effect that impacts an entire community. Part of the movement's objective is for one good deed to multiply in numbers.

Abunda will soon upload on his Tiktok and FB accounts interviews with celebrities in regards to the good deeds that they've done recently. The answers he received vary from, “I smiled at a stranger,” “I helped somebody who was sick,” “I said thank you,” “I hurt my friend and I apologized,” and “I said I love you.”

“How do you spread kindness can be done in so many ways. It's not always giving something but also it can be about forgiving or making a better version of yourself,” Abunda remarked.

Abunda is hopeful that people will start spreading positivity through making a conscious effort to do one good deed every day.

“It would be nice if this spreads to the whole of the Philippines and even beyond the local shores,” he ended.

Credit belongs to : www.manilatimes.net

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