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Paw patrol: Cloud camera for cats, dogs launched

MANILA, Philippines — Pet parents no longer need to worry whenever they need to leave their cats and dogs at home.

A cloud pet camera is now available in the market for those who want to "patrol" their cats and dogs. Specifically, the product can sense the presence of cats and dogs as well as allow pet parents to soothe their pet babies through its built-in microphone and speakers with two-way audio function.

Taiwanese cloud video monitoring solution provider SpotCam launched the SpotCam Mibo cloud AI pet camera.

The artificial intelligence camera pans and tilts automatically when it detects cats or dogs in the scene. Upon subscription, instant alerts will be sent to pet owners when their dogs bark or their cats meow.

It comes with a 2K high-resolution video and automatic night mode and supports 360-degree horizontal pan and 90-degree vertical tilt with configurable preset points.

As an added feature, the pet camera also features human tracking functions that may help alert pet parents or the household of any intruder.

Taking care of cats and dogs sometimes mean paying more, but with the newly launched pet camera, it comes with a free forever 24-hour full-time cloud recording plan, thus, there is no need to purchase microSD cards. For parents who want to see more of their camera, it also comes with an optional cloud recording plans for up to 365 days for subscriptions.

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