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Philippines among top users of bidets — study

MANILA, Philippines — A study conducted by British bathroom supplies company QS Supplies found that rental accommodations in the Philippines have some of the highest number of bidets in the world.

QS Supplies analyzed thousands of listings on travel website Booking.com last August by using reservation filters to find the percentage of rental accommodations that have baths, showers and bidets in every country and the world's most populous cities.

Nearly 53% of rental accommodations in the Philippines have a bidet. The Philippines ranked fourth in the list that was topped by Italy at 76.28%.

On the shower ranking, the Philippines was 37th with 70.42% though the margins are much closer. Cambodia topped the list with 89.57%.

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The Philippines was much lower on the baths list at 54th with 17.88%, though this can be attributed to rental accommodations in the country opting to have showers instead of bathtubs.

Five cities in the Philipppines figured in each of the respective lists — Quezon City, Manila, Davao City, Cebu and Cagayan de Oro.

Rental accommodations in Quezon City had the most bidets in the Philippines with 60%, while rental accommodations in Cebu had the most showers at 72.40%.

The baths data was reflected in Davao City being the leader in the Philippines, despite just 17.80% of rental accommodations there having a bathtub. Cagayan de Oro ranked the least with baths in accommodations among Philippine cities at 12.81%.

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