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READ: Viral passenger opens up about ‘Alien’ encounter

Tiffany Gomas, an airline passenger who went viral by claiming to have spotted an “alien” on board, has now openly disclosed the complete details of the incident.

On the sports podcast, Pardon My Take, Tiffany revealed that her life took a turn after her video gained viral attention on TikTok. Not only did it become a meme, but her outfit even became a popular Halloween costume.

One of the podcasters asked Tiffany, “After the horrifying video went viral, how crazy has your life been?” Tiffany responded by sharing that she hadn’t left her house for about a month.

Screengrab from Pardon My Take / YouTube

“Yeah, It’s been very wild. I don’t even know how to explain it, honestly. There’s like no play button to going viral right? I am just a normal person, contrary to what people think. After I saw it go viral, my life did change. I chilled a little bit, I didn’t come out of my house for four weeks, like, literally blinds out and everything,” she said.

The viral lady on the plane also knew it would go viral and revealed that she didn’t get arrested, narrating, “Obviously, I left the airport. I did not get arrested, and everyone thinks I did. I’m called my mom like, ‘Mom, this is bad. I’m gonna go viral tomorrow.’ I just knew how foolish I acted, like I knew it was going viral. You know how social media is, like I’m not dumb to realize what’s going to happen.”

Tiffany also mentioned that she was experiencing increased anxiety when she arrived home. “By the time I got home, I’m just like a crazy person searching for American airlines on TikTok. I know it’s gonna come out, and I’m freaking out. I’m having more anxiety that time,” she said.

When questioned about the incident, the podcaster was taken aback by her response. “The reason I haven’t come out yet is because this is so cringe. I did not see anything,” she said. She further revealed that her viral statement, “that **** is not real,” was simply an expression she used after she had an argument.

She boarded another flight that day, still in the same outfit, and shared that she had deleted all of her social media profiles. “I deactivated every account, deleted every photo. The only photo they could find was my 10 and 12-year old photo,” Tiffany shared.

Credit belongs to : www.mb.com.ph

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