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Shang Properties presents new look

Shang Properties, Inc. is embarking on a new chapter that promises to elevate life spaces to even greater heights. This new phase is represented by a fresh, modernized logo and brand story that underscores its position as a leader in luxury properties.

The redesigned logo pays homage to the brand's heritage while embracing a fresh and modern look. The new logo pays homage to its previous emblem, with elements and colors that have strong ties to the brand and its DNA.

Shang properties are designed mindfully and with intention.Shang properties are designed mindfully and with intention.

Shang properties are designed mindfully and with intention.

“Its typeface has been updated to reflect a subtle tone of modern luxury and sophistication. This reflects the kind of lifestyle that our residents deserve and enjoy,” shared Marketing Director Jayme Uy.

The Crane, an iconic symbol that has become synonymous with Shang Properties, has been simplified to reflect a clean and streamlined look.

“Symbolizing longevity, strength, and perseverance, the continued use of the Crane in the Shang Properties branding further shows the company's lasting commitment to creating inspired spaces that are meticulously designed with careful attention to details,” Uy continued.

“Our new logo and rebranding efforts hope to establish Shang Properties as a leading brand and a premium real estate market. Our efforts also aim to position it as a country's most preferred premium residential developer. More importantly, our rebranding is an opportunity that signifies a leap forward in the value proposition of the company and the brand,” she added.

A team of internationally acclaimed architects, designers, and artisans work together to articulate visions of thoughtful and well-crafted spaces. Every development in Shang Properties' portfolio is designed mindfully and with intention, from dramatic port-cochere entryways and delicately landscaped arrival courts to tasteful lobbies, well-laid-out rooms, and world-class amenities.

The Enterprise Center and Aurelia Residences bring to life Shang Properties' uncompromising design philosophy. Both feature breathtaking interiors that turn everyday moments into something extraordinary. The Enterprise Center boasts two neoclassic towers of granite stone and antique silver glass, with crowns of gleaming steel at its summit. Meanwhile, Aurelia Residences, Shang Properties joint venture project with RLC, features bespoke homes evoking the Italian ideal of sprezzatura, an effortless and understated kind of classic elegance.

Shang Properties also exhibits its exquisite taste down to the finest of details. This is evident in Shangri-La Plaza, one of the country's most established upscale shopping and lifestyle destinations. The space is beyond a mall — it is an experience and a lifestyle with a complete and carefully selected mix of high-end brands and services in well-planned commercial zones.

Asked what makes Shang Properties different from other premium developers, Jugo confidently noted, “The larger developers in the country, their business model is to be present in many places at the same time, to develop projects faster. In Shang, it's a deliberate decision for us to be very selective, to do less projects compared to others. But each project is much more special than the competition. That's the difference.”

“If I were to analogize this with cars for example, Shang would be like a Ferrari. There are not too many of them, and each one, they're almost handmade. The strategy has always been to remain smaller than competition. We don't want to be as big as the other developers in the country because we want to be able to keep that special attention to detail in every project that we do,” he ended.

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