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Transforming the digital banking landscape with prestigious innovation award

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Digital bank, Komo, has been honored with the prestigious title of Most Innovative Smart Banking Services Provider for Digital Banking in the Philippines. The award was given at the 2023 International Finance Awards, demonstrating its deep commitment to delivering cutting-edge, practical and economical online banking experiences to Filipinos.

Komo by EastWest Bank was launched during the pandemic with a mission to provide accessible, convenient and affordable financial services through its mobile app. From its user-friendly mobile app, users can easily set up an account and manage their finances.

With just a few taps away, users can do fund transfers, charging only PHP 8 per transfer via InsatPay. Komo also offers a competitive 2.5% interest rate per annum on savings so that users can achieve their financial goals faster. In under 10 minutes, users can also apply for loan. The platform provides financial calculators and educational resources to assist users when making informed financial decisions.

Komo Finance is a trusted brand in digital banking. Backed by the reputable EastWest Bank, Komo Finance continues to provide Filipinos with a more convenient, economical, and secure method of managing their finances.

A feather in one’s cap, Komo continues its commitment to delivering the best banking services to Filipinos.

Embrace the convenience and affordability offered by Komo. Open an account and in just minutes, you will experience a new era of digital banking.

Credit belongs to : www.mb.com.ph

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