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What’s in a name: The most popular baby names today

MANILA, Philippines — What’s in a name? A lot, actually. It is important for you to name your babies for success because they will grow up bearing that name, answering to that name and living up to that name.

According to lettersolver.com, babies will start recognizing their own name by the time they are four to nine months old. By age two, they will be able to say their own name. By age four, they may be able to write their own name. When they turn six, their friends will already be making rude words out of their name, and when they hit their teenage years (starting at age 13), they will be contorting their names into what to them are cool nicknames.

So, it is truly best to give your little ones a name that they will be proud to answer to when they are adults. Some parents do this by giving their babies two names so that they can choose which one they like better later on in life.

Other parents give their babies unique names, sometimes changing the spelling of more or less common names and sometimes naming them after colors, cars, flowers, fruits, ingredients, celebrities, or a combination of their names. Parents are advised to be careful about this because it may backfire on their children when their names border on the weird or the oh-so-difficult-to-spell.

There are others who name their babies after the most popular baby names of the year. This depends on the influences of culture, history and language and varies from country to country. The most popular names for boys and girls may also change year by year.

It should be interesting to know what the most popular names for baby girls and boys are at the moment.

Lettersolver.com has manually researched reputable and up-to-date local reports from every country’s native language to uncover the most popular baby names for boys and girls around the world.

The research found that variations on the name Maria are the most popular names for girls in 17 countries, and variations on the name Mohammed are the most popular names for boys in 10 countries. Second placers are Sofia for girls in nine countries and Noah for boys in seven countries.

It is interesting to note that names with strong religious links are among the most popular names for baby boys and girls all over the world. However, more common names also make it high on the list, including Olivia, Liam (which originates from William), Oliver, Lucia and James.

If you are wondering what the most popular names for babies in the Philippines are, lettersolver.com said it is Jacob for baby boys and Althea for baby girls.

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