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When ‘street meets formal’

Japanese trendsetting brands Snidel and Fray I.D are now in Mitsukoshi BGC.

A sumptuous silk frock with hiking sandals doesn’t read like good styling on paper, yet it’s this eclectic mix that makes the look work so well. The dress is a stunner with an unabashedly feminine silhouette featuring a drop waist and puffy sleeves and voluminous frills, while the sandals are so comfortable yet its chunky platform and strappy upper tells you they’re not your usual sandals.

This mix is called street meets formal, a trend rooted from the streets of Tokyo. And just like wabi-sabi minimalism, eclectic Japanese streetwear, and Lolita girlish exuberance, it has made its way around Asia. Snidel and Fray.Id lead this trend, and they are now in the Philippines at Mitsukoshi, the first Japanese-inspired mall in the country.

“Snidel and Fray.Id are some of the biggest brands in Japan. In all my visits, I see the stores and their unique style is all over,” says Alfred Ty, Federal Land chairman. “This is an opportunity to introduce Japanese fashion to the country. It’s not the usual brands we know of, but it would be nice to educate our market with the flavor of Japan.”

Federal Land chairman Alfred Ty: “This is an opportunity to introduce Japanese fashion to the country and Federal Land Retail Holdings president Mae Jeanjaquet: “Filipinas love versatility and making a statement.”

Snidel is street meets formal at its core, fusing streetwear and traditional feminine elements crafted from sustainable materials like recycled nylon, cotton, PET Bottles, and leather (which is textile waste generated during meat production). Designed for the conscious and on-the-go shopper, Snidel is for women in their 20s and early 30s.

Fray ID is Snidel’s older sister in her late 30s and beyond and she hasn’t lost her statement-making style. The pieces are elevated with boardroom-ready sleekness and premium fabrics that can take her from day to night. Both brands are all about making a woman feel her most empowered.

“Filipinas love versatility and making a statement. Especially with the new generation, they value self-expression and individuality,” says Federal Land Retail Holdings president Mae Jeanjaquet.

Because of this, all Snidel and Fray I.D designs are produced in limited pieces. The Mitsukoshi store will carry the seasonal collections as they launch and carry only a handful of each style, replenished regularly so you never have to be caught wearing the same thing as someone else. The edit also takes the Philippines’ climate in mind.

And as for the petite women who have trouble finding clothes that fit, rejoice: their sizing is in line with the average Japanese build.

What are their most popular silhouettes? “In Japan and China, they like dresses with all the frills and intricate details. Still conservative,” she differentiates. Meanwhile, in our Southeast Asia counterparts like Thailand and Singapore, “They mix and match the separates. They would pair a bold asymmetric skirt with a frilly blouse. Then they change from sneakers or flats into heels to make it an evening look.”

I wonder how Filipinas will make “street meets formal” our own?

* * *

In the Philippines, Snidel’s pieces range from P3,195 to P12,995 while Fray I.D. ranges from P5,195 to P15,995. Both brands are located on the ground floor of Mitsukoshi, 8th Ave. corner 36th St., North BGC, Taguig.

Credit belongs to : www.philstar.com

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