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Would you wear this towel skirt by Balenciaga?

With its recent creations such as the distressed sneakers and the infamous plush bear bag, Balenciaga becomes one of the many brands that never fail to create viral moments online. Now, the Paris-based maison is disrupting the fashion scene again with its bath towel skirt.

BALENCIAGA TOWEL SKIRT featured image.jpg
Photo from Balenciaga

The thing about the said piece is that it is styled very much like how we wrap a bath towel around our waist after getting out of the shower. Part of the brand’s spring 2024 collection, the unisex skirt is made of terry cotton, the material typically used for bath towel. But unlike the towel that can unravel on its own, Balenciaga’s $925 (around P51,000) skirt has buttons and an adjustable belt to secure it in place. It is also adorned with an embroidery of the brand’s logo.

As expected, netizens has a lot to say about the Balenciaga’s newest piece with some calling it ridiculous due to its heavy price tag. The piece is now available for pre-order on the brand’s e-commerce platform.

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