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Zanjoe’s compelling performance in new movie

Zanjoe Marudo's captivating portrayal as the lead actor in the Philippine adaptation of the Korean drama “Keys to the Heart,” now available for streaming on the global platform Netflix, has been praises from the audience.

Those who have seen the movie praised the maturity and depth Marudobrings to his role as a troubled and washed-up boxer. In this film, he shares the spotlight with Dolly De Leon, fresh from her Hollywood Best Supporting Actress victory in “Triangle of Sadness,” and up and coming serious actor Elijah Canlas.

Zanjoe Marudo and Dolly de Leon as mother and son in ‘Keys to the Heart.’ NETFLIX PHOTO

Locally produced by Reality MM Studios, Creative Leaders Group 8 and VIVA Films, “Keys to the Heart” is a heartwarming family drama that follows the struggles of Joma (played by Marudo), as he moves back and tries to fit in with his mother (de Leon) and his half-brother Jayjay (Canlas) whom he hasn't seen and known for years.

Reality MM Studios producers Dondon Monteverde and Erik Matti saw the potential of “Keys to the Heart” when it was first presented to them. They worked immediately on developing a version that maintains the essence of the original version from CJ Entertainment, while giving it a truly Filipino sensibility by bringing in Kerwin Go to direct the film. The Philippine adaptation's ending is different from the Korean version because of this.

Marudo's outstanding portrayal can be gleaned from his natural ability to assimilate in his character as a washed-up boxer. The subtlety of his nuances and his comedic timing were a great complement to the complexities of his role.

For his part, Canlas' preparation for the role is noteworthy as he learned not only to play the piano with authenticity and competence but also in the remarkable manner he managed to bring to life a genius pianist with savant syndrome. Canlas spent some time with a piano teacher to help him with the technical know-how of a real pianist and he also exposed himself to people with autism to experience and live their life and behavior.

The two actors are proving that they are, indeed, the best drama performers of their generation.

The producers behind “Keys to the Heart” are also behind “Ultimate Oppa,” a romantic comedy shot in South Korea and starring Bela Padilla, Kim Gun Woo (“The Glory”) and Cho Tae Gwan (“Descendants of the Sun,” “My Secret Terrius”).

With these successful projects, the audience can expect more collaborations between Reality MM Studios and Creative Leaders Group 8 led by BJ Soong, as they get ready for the local adaptation of Korean horror top-grosser “Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum” and the successful vigilante series, “Taxi Driver.”

Reality MM Studios is no stranger to producing Filipino content for the global audiences. Most recently, it's zombie flick, “Day Zero” featuring Brandon Vera and MJ Lastimosa is streamed in Asia and is acquired by WellGo for a wide digital release in the US.

The studio has a lot in its pipeline, with three major series to be directed by Matti that will start streaming within the next two years.

“Keys to the Heart” is currently streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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