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Anjo Yllana and Robin Padilla’s reconciliation: three decades in the making

NOT necessarily owning up to his foolish mistake, Anjo Yllana — after three decades — has finally made amends with Senator Robin Padilla.

To refresh our readers' memory, it was back in 1993 when Anjo made fun of then-Rustom Padilla while cameras were rolling on the set of ABS-CBN sitcom “Palibhasa Lalake.”

It was via this sitcom where friendship blossomed among its male cast members Richard Gomez, Joey Marquez, John Estrada and Anjo. With them was Carmina Villaroel, then Rustom's girlfriend.

Back in 1993, Anjoy Yllana made a foolish mistake that angered Robin Padilla. INSTAGRAM PHOTOS

In one particular scene, Anjo — out of the blue — cracked a joke about Rustom's sexuality (this was way before Rustom became known now as BB Gandanghari).

Apparently, Anjo's line was nowhere in the script of Joey Reyes. But just the same, Carmina — naturally hurt — didn't take it well. Next thing was, she resigned from the show.

Of course, the other cast members felt unhappy about it. Blame it on Anjo who miscalculated the terrible damage his wisecrack had caused.

Consequently, the Padilla brothers — except for Rustom — swooped down on Anjo's residence and peppered it with bullets. Thank God, no one got hit.

Yes, it's a crime to mess with the Padilla brothers.

It took a while before the tension between the Padillas and the Yllanas subsided.

To avert any further “resbak,” Anjo opted to transfer his residence to Parañaque City where he would later become one of its top city officials.

Many years later, Carmina ended up with Zoren Legaspi. As for Robin and Anjo, gone was the animosity toward each other.

They may not have become really good friends but at least, their occasional exchange of hi's and hello's whenever they'd bump into each other was proof they had let bygones be bygones.

Anjo can now fully say that indeed in showbiz, there are neither permanent friends nor enemies.

Particularly in his case, Anjo can say that not only have he and Robin become friends, they also treat each other like brothers.

And how?

According to Anjo's account, presently in between jobs he approached Senator Jinggoy Estrada,”I told him, 'Senator, maybe I can work here at the Senate. I don't have a job right now, you see.”

Anjo wasn't ashamed to admit that he needed work so desperately, and would settle for any job just to have something to eat for the day. Of course, Anjo hasn't really gone beggarly, or has he?

Perhaps moved by his “sob story,” the senator had contacted Anjo in two weeks' time with good tidings. Anjo finally got a job.

Already working at the Senate, it's inevitable that Anjo and Robin cross paths.

Instead of giving him a cold shoulder treatment, Robin — much to Anjo's amazement — is very welcoming.

Anjo shares, “Even from afar, he was already shouting 'Tol! Tol' When he saw me, he treated me like a sibling!”

Inside Robin's room at the Senate building is where Anjo and the solon spend endless hours of catching up

“Senator Robin told me, 'Tol run as a senator next time!' But I always tell him that I'm not cut out for a national position. I'm only suited for a local post!”

Anjo says the former action star has so much faith in him as he's well-loved by his constituents.

Residing in Calamba City, Laguna for more than a year now, Anjo confesses to considering running for an elective post there.

It will be remembered that Anjo withdrew his congressional bid in his native Camarines Sur in the 2022 local and national elections as his supposed campaign sponsor failed to produce the funds he needed.

Anjo has likewise accused his younger brother Jomari for allegedly pocketing the money in collusion with girlfriend Abby Viduya.

While the couple denied Anjo's allegations, the latter seems to have already forgiven them, even looking forward to their reconciliation.

I remember Anjo say he simply wanted to fulfill the promise he made to the Yllana patriarch to look after his younger brothers being the eldest.

As we very know, Jomari is an incumbent Councilor in Parañaque City. On top of this, the former Guwapings member maintains a profitable business.

It seems un-brotherly of Jomari not to provide help to his “kuya” (older brother) to the point of letting him depend on somebody else like Jinggoy.

And did we hear right that Anjo badly needs a job for his daily sustenance?

Wonder what BB this time will have to say about Anjo and his “gay joke.”

* * *

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