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Bea Alonzo to become official resident of Spain after claiming residency card

MANILA, Philippines — Actress Bea Alonzo is now set to become an official resident of Spain.

In the latest video on her YouTube channel where she talked about the actress packing for a three-week trip to Europe, Bea announced that she will be claiming her residency card in Spain, which will make her an official resident of the country.

Apart from the Spanish capital Madrid, Bea and her fiancée Dominic Roque will also be visiting Milan, Lake Como and the Tuscany region of Italy, including Florence, and Lugano in Switzerland.

Bea added that it would be her first time living in her new Madrid apartment, opening the opportunity for a house tour — but only if Dominic would be down to cooperate, she joked.

WATCH: Bea Alonzo talks about her Spain residency status

As a Spanish resident, Bea will be able to visit without a visa other European countries in the Schengen Area, which include Italy and Switzerland, France, Germany, Portugal, Croatia, Greece and the Netherlands.

Last year, Bea was able to purchase the P30 million two-bedroom apartment in Madrid, which granted her at the time a Golden Visa, issued to non-European nationals who intend to "make a significant investment in the Spanish economy."

As legal resident, Bea can now work freely in Europe. Although not required to stay in Spain, she is now eligible to apply for citizenship after a couple of years.

Bea,however, has previously said she would not apply for Spanish citizenship, "After two years, you can apply for citizenship, which am not gonna, of course, but, at least, there is that option." — Video from Bea Alonzo YouTube channel

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