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Building blocks of friendship and culture

Amb. H.E. Franz Mellbin.jpg
Danish Embassy Ambassador H.E. Franz Michael Mellbin

The Royal Danish Embassy in Manila hosted “Project Amorsolo,” a showcase of Filipino and Danish masterpieces, in partnership with PinoyLUG, a Filipino community of Lego users accredited by the Lego Group (TLG). “Project Amorsolo” featured artworks by National Artist of the Philippines Fernando Amorsolo such as his “Bayanihan,” “Dalagang Bukid,” and “Early Traders,” which were all reinterpreted and recreated using Lego bricks.

pinoyLUG president.jpg
Leslie Araujo, PinoyLUG president and Lego Ambassador Network (LAN) ambassador
Fernando Amorsolo-Lazo.jpg
Fernando ‘Nandy’ Amorsolo-Lazo, vice president and executive director of the Fernando C. Amorsolo Art Foundation (FCAAF)

In the same event, Danish Embassy Ambassador, H.E. Franz Michael Mellbin and Mme. Eve Fischer Mellbin, together with PinoyLUG President and Lego Ambassador Network (LAN) Ambassador Leslie Araujo also unveiled the artwork “Anna Ancher and Marie Krøyer” by Danish realist Michael Ancher.

Danish artwork 'Anna Ancher and Marie Kroyer'.jpg
The unveiling of the Danish Artwork ‘Anna Ancher and Marie Krøyer’
Unveiling of 'Anna Ancher and Marie Kroyer'.jpg
Danish Artwork ‘Anna Ancher and Marie Krøyer’

These mosaics were made by groups of Filipino Lego users, with more than 100 members who are all enthusiasts of the popular interlocking plastic bricks toy that traces its origins from Denmark.

The idea behind “Project Amorsolo” started during the pandemic, Araujo said, while he was going through the collection of postcards of his father, who was an Amorsolo fan. “He kept those postcards because he really liked them,” Araujo added.

'Dalagang Bukid' - Lego.jpg
‘Dalagang Bukid,’ remade by a 17-member all-female team, consists of 27,648 Lego studs and around 36,000 other Lego elements
'Bayanihan' - Lego.jpg
‘Bayanihan,’ is made of 52,224 Lego studs and over 42,000 other Lego elements, and took 34 members to assemble
'Early Traders' - Lego.jpg
‘Early Traders’ is made up of 64,512 Lego studs and over 52,000 other Lego elements, and was put together by 43 members of the group

To recreate each masterpiece, they divided the artwork into panels, which were then assigned to each group to work on. At that point, it was still called “Project Amor,” as the groups were not aware of the “bigger picture,” so to speak, or what piece they were working on.

It is in the details

“Everything took a year to finish—from assembling everything to framing, and then delivering [the pieces] to the Cultural Center of the Philippines for the initial launch,” Araujo explained.

Ma-ann Lazo, Fernando ‘Nandy’ Amorsolo Lazo, Chinkee Mangcucang, and Sylvia Amorsolo-Lazo

Present at the launch of the exhibit were relatives of Amorsolo, which included his grandson Fernando “Nandy” Amorsolo-Lazo, who is vice president and executive director of the Fernando C. Amorsolo Art Foundation (FCAAF) and his mother Sylvia Amorsolo-Lazo, who is herself an artist and is president of FCAAF. Also present were Ma-ann Lazo and relatives of PinoyLUG members.

A surprise gift from the PinoyLUG.jpg
A surprise gift from the PinoyLUG was presented to Ambassador Franz Michael Mellbin Madam Eve Fischer Mellbin
pinoy lug -lego.PNG

‘Project Amorsolo’ was launched on Oct. 2 at the residence of the Danish ambassador, as part of its design and creative campaign to celebrate 77 years of diplomatic relations between Denmark and the Philippines.

Credit belongs to : www.mb.com.ph

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