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GUIDE: Build your dream tech setup with SM Cyber Month’s discounted gadgets, gizmo

MANILA, Philippines — In today’s tech-driven world, our tech setup is more than simply a collection of gadgets; it's our personal launchpad to productivity, creativity and entertainment whether for work or school, or both!

A good tech setup could make a massive difference in your day-to-day grind. Envision how you can run virtual meetings seamlessly, work on those papers and sheets with satisfaction or, perhaps, pursue your hobbies with renewed enthusiasm, all thanks to the convenience brought by cutting-edge gadgets.

Here’s a quick guide to the basics to equip yourself with the knowledge you need to create the tech setup of your dreams. And the best part? You can snag these essential pieces of your dream setup at a discounted price this Cyber Month at SM Supermalls!

1. Wired for productivity: Connectors, mice and keyboard

Cords, mice and keyboards form your setup's core for seamless efficiency. This trio lays the foundation, creating a workspace that's both comfortable and productive.

For connectors, choose robust ones compatible with your devices. Identify USB types for your peripherals like phones and hard drives to guide your connector and port hub purchases.

For the mouse and keyboard, it's good to personalize your choices for optimal functionality. Gamers might favor high-performance mice with customizable buttons, while ergonomic designs suit those with long work hours.

Plus, think about incorporating a mousepad, a simple accessory that can elevate your scrolling experience, as well as your workplace aesthetic!

2. Elevate your soundscape: Earplugs, headsets and speakers

Sound can be a game-changer. Whether you're gaming, in virtual meetings or enjoying music, clear audio is essential.

Like in mouse and keyboard, choosing audio equipment requires understanding of your audio needs. Are you a gamer, a music enthusiast or someone who needs clear communication for virtual meetings? Understanding this will guide your equipment choices.

Choose headphones or headsets with noise isolation or noise-canceling features if you want immersive experiences or clear communication. These technologies can help you appreciate your music by blocking out external distractions.

Also, don’t forget about comfort, especially if you'll be wearing them for extended periods. Adjustable headbands, cushioned ear cups and lightweight designs can contribute to a pleasurable listening experience.

3. Choose your digital workhorse: Desktops and laptops

When building your dream tech setup, a pivotal choice awaits: selecting your digital workhorse, be it a laptop or a desktop. This decision lies at the core of your tech ecosystem, and an efficient machine can breathe life into your aspirations.

Laptops embody versatility and portability, while desktops boast power and customization. Regardless of your preference, key considerations stand firm:

  1. RAM Capacity: Opt for higher RAM if you're a power user, while moderate capacity suits standard tasks.
  2. Screen Size & Resolution: Evaluate usage patterns and color needs.
  3. Storage options and processor power: Match usage demands; power-intensive tasks favor higher-tier processors. Also consider the files you’ll be storing.
  4. Graphics Performance: Prioritize dedicated graphics for gaming and design.

Your digital workhorse serves as the heart of your setup. Make sure to think smart in choosing ones that would fit your needs and budgets.

4. Blend tech and creativity: Vlogging essentials

In today's tech landscape, content creation and vlogging have become prominent trends. As you shape your ideal workspace, consider accommodating your creative ambitions within it.

Because audio quality is crucial in content creation, pick a good microphone that can ensure your voice comes across clearly—whether you're recording a podcast, vlog or interview.

For your vlogs, cameras and mobile phones with advanced optics and settings seize moments with fine details, vivid colors and subtle textures, adding a touch of sophistication to your videos.

5. Keep the workspace fresh and clean: Home devices

Maintaining a fresh and orderly workspace is essential for a productive and comfortable tech setup.

To ensure a clean environment, consider incorporating home devices like a robot vacuum and a traditional home vacuum. These efficient tools effortlessly eliminate dust and debris, preserving your workspace's cleanliness.

Additionally, a tower fan can provide a refreshing breeze, creating a comfortable atmosphere as you delve into your tech endeavors.

Gear up this SM Cyber Month!

This August, explore a wide range of discounted gadgets that promise to enhance your everyday experiences.

Bring out the best in your tech setup without breaking the bank. Check out these #AweSMCyberDeals, make your choices, and create a tech environment that's perfectly tailored to your needs. For more great finds and exciting promos from authentic gadget brands at jaw-dropping prices, visit SM Deals.


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