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‘I get emotional that my Good Boy character was accepted around the world,’ says Kim Seon-ho. Talaga!

When I asked how he defines a good day, Korean actor and new Bench global ambassador Kim Seon-ho said that it might be a bland answer, but “today is a good day.”

Why so?

“Because I have come to the Philippines!”

It’s the second visit of the well-loved star, also known as “good boy,” to the country this year. “The last time I came here, I had very little time. But now I can try some delicious Filipino dishes.”

One of his culinary goals is halo-halo.

It was the 2020 K-drama Start Up that blew up the career of Kim Seon-ho. His character Han Ji-pyeong, also called “good boy,” endeared him to many.

However, it was in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha where he became a star. This led him to be one of the global ambassadors of Bench, a Filipino giant in the fashion and retail industry led by visionary Ben Chan. He joins the roster of ambassadors before him, which includes Ji Chang Wook, Kim Soo-hyun, Park Seo-jun, Hyun Bin, and other Korean A-listers.

Currently, he stars in The Childe, a critically acclaimed action thriller (it got a 100-percent rating from critics in Rotten Tomatoes).

Korean actor Kim Seon-ho with Ben Chan at his fan meet, which thousands of his loyal fans attended

Photo @bcbench

Seon-ho was aware that Bench was a big brand in the Philippines, but only truly realized it when he saw the huge billboards of himself by the Pasig River. “I am so grateful, excited, and a little nervous to be part of Bench,” he said. “Working with the Bench team made me feel like I was family. They were really kind, friendly. This is why I think Bench is successful. Plus, Mr. Ben Chan himself is a trendsetter and so fashionable.”

His favorite pieces include a T-shirt with Manila printed on the front, the black and white plaid short-sleeved shirt he was wearing to the press con, and a black tee with the Bench brand printed across the chest. For Seon-ho, Bench is for every day because it is stylish and comfortable.

Ben Chan tells us his impression of the actor: “I had the chance to meet him several times and it’s always light-hearted, laughter-filled meetings with him. We all know that he is a very big star, but he doesn’t give you that air! He is very welcoming and approachable. Over conversations, you also discover that he’s very genuine. Truly a good boy!”

Furthermore, Kim Seon-ho has the qualities that the Bench brand appreciates. The Bench founder elaborates, “Kim Seon-ho is undoubtedly very good in his craft. He is a great actor, with an extensive body of work not just on film and television, but also theater, where he started. I like that he is very passionate about what he does and yet remains charismatic and humble. Of course, he has a great style and carries clothes well!”

Seon-ho mentioned that he got emotional when he first arrived in the country because of the passionate welcome his fans gave him at the airport. For him, his popularity here is slowly sinking in. His fan meeting later that day most likely convinced him that indeed, Kim Seon-ho is well loved in this part of the world. Thousands of his loyal fans flocked to the Smart Araneta Coliseum and warmly cheered him on. The fan meet had him interacting with them through fun games and kilig moments. Every time he would say “Talaga,” the entire venue would erupt in deafening screams.

Hail to a Chief K-drama star!

Speaking of food, Seon-ho is known to love tteokboki, which he actually made in his fan meet. He likes this popular Korean dish the unadulterated way, simply made with basic ingredients such as rice cakes, fish cakes, green onions, gochujang, and other seasonings. That’s it, nothing fancy.

It is consistent with his penchant for finding the special in the ordinary. He says that his favorite scenes have been what most would consider ordinary, where conversations were the focus and just flowed. He likes walking around the city and even taking the subway, and when he does, he observes ordinary people and society, their lives and what is happening.

The role most similar to him is Hong Du-sik in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. This simple character lived in an ordinary town, and liked to talk to people in a “light ambience.” His recent role in the movie The Childe took him far from that, where he played an aggressive hit man. “The individuality of each of my roles is like the individuality of one’s clothes.”

After making this movie, though, he wants to go back and play the role of an “ordinary” person again. By the way, when it comes to acting, he wants to continue to be an actor well into his eighties.

It takes around one to two months for him to get into character for each role. He talks to the director a lot, relies on references. For The Childe, he referenced the movies of director Stanley Kubrick, prepared for action scenes, combed through the script so as not to miss anything. “It takes practice and effort.” He refers to himself in a self-deprecating manner as a “lazy actor,” claiming there is still “room for improvement.”

As to his feeling being called “good boy,” an endearing term given by the halmeoni (grandmother) in Start Up, he reveals that it makes him emotional. “The elderly in Korea usually use this term for young people, which means they are innocent, naive, and pure. It also describes the internal character of a person who is kind and pure-hearted. I was really into my character in this drama where I cried a lot. So when I hear the term ‘good boy’, I get emotional. I am grateful that my character as Han Ji-pyeong, the good boy, was culturally accepted around the world.”

A question was thrown at him regarding a secret talent he has. After thinking for a bit, he laughingly said that he thought he drew well before, and later on realized that he did not have the talent. So, no hidden talents at all? Kim Seon-ho ponders then responds, “I am still thinking if I have one.”

I guess it’s because his talent in acting and his charms can’t be kept a secret. Like he says, talaga!

Credit belongs to : www.philstar.com

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