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It’s Alden Richards all-month long in ‘Magpakailanman’

Fans who miss seeing top leading man Alden Richards on the small screen are in for a treat this entire month of August. The ever-versatile actor has signed on for not just one but four complex characters for his home studio GMA Network's iconic drama anthology “Magpakailanman.”

The month-long special episodes feature Richards portraying a series of real-life characters, and he recalls how he felt when the idea was first brought to him.

The drama anthology’s month-long special episodes feature Alden Richards portraying varied real-life characters (from left) the runner Jirome, vlogger Richard and the thug Allan.

“When this opportunity was offered, I immediately knew I had to take it because I miss acting on TV,” the 31-year-old admitted at the show's online media conference.

“These are very challenging roles because they contrast with each other; there are no similarities between the characters I play. As an actor, I'm always looking for something out of the ordinary. I've done many projects before, and I believe it's essential to keep reinventing myself,” he added.

Richards conceded that portraying a string of different roles for TV since last appearing in 2022's “Star-Up PH” was a real challenge. The passionate actor quickly added he enjoyed the task nonetheless.

“What's great about it is that the show is not linear, and it's not just a single storyline. Every week, I switch roles, and the transitions are fast. Happily, I discovered I have the ability to do that in this point in my career since I was only given a one-week taping the interval from one episode and its corresponding role.”

Richards, who always pours over his scripts as much as he can, learned to shorten his usual process and make sure he's ready for the next story.

On August 5, Richards plays the titular character in “A Runner to Remember: The Jirome de Castro Story.”

De Castro is a dedicated runner whose life is turned upside down by cervical dystonia, a debilitating neurological disorder that derails his personality, strains his familial ties, and hinders his professional growth.

Richards' commitment to the role goes beyond the script, immersing himself with the inspiring owner of the story, embracing his mannerisms and life philosophies.

On August 12, he is “Epal Dreamboy (in) The Richard Licop Story.” This is a relatable story about an influencer bashed for being “epal” and “mayabang” (an attention-seeker and cocky) as he flaunts his excessive material possessions online. The episode will explore Licop's journey from being a poor boy with big dreams to becoming a vlogger and content creator.

Next in line is an action-drama episode, “The Lost Boy” where Richards figures as Allan, a young man taken in by a father figure, only to be pushed into a life of crime. As the storyline delves into the complexities of loyalty, morality and survival, Richards' performance promises to reveal another side of his acting talent.

Finally, “Sa Puso't-Isipan: The Cantillana Family Story” is a special episode that is centered on mental health awareness. Richards will portray Andrew, who must juggle the roles of a loving son, a responsible brother and a primary caregiver to his mentally-ill parents.

In this episode, Richards' performance is expected to tackle sensitive issues with depth and sincerity.

Catch Richards all month in consecutive episodes of “Magpakailanman,” which air every Saturday at 8:15 p.m. on GMA-7.

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