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Jerry Yan charms fans anew in enchanting drama

Colors, not just words, have the power to tell stories.

As one of the original idols who swept Asia with his unforgettable portrayal of Daoming Si in the 2001 Taiwanese drama “Meteor Garden,” Jerry Yan once again captivates audiences with a character that brings back his irresistible charm.

Premiered on the eve of Valentine's Day in Mainland China, “The Forbidden Flower” sparked curiosity among netizens due to its mesmerizing cinematography and unique character designs.

While the plot may seem cliché, the unconventional presentation of ‘The Forbidden Flower’ draws the audience into the love story of the two main characters.

Based on the Chinese novel, “He Stands in the Gorgeous Summer Flowers,” the drama revolves around Heran (Xu Ruohan, 25), a young woman with a terminal illness who relentlessly pursues Xiaohan (Jerry Yan, 46), a middle-aged man she fell in love with at first sight. Despite Xiaohan's efforts to maintain his distance because of their age difference, Heran's allure ensnares him, and he finds himself entangled in her charms.

While the plot may seem cliché, the unconventional presentation draws the audience into the love story of the two main characters. The undeniable chemistry between Xu Ruohan and Jerry Yan adds to the allure. Xu Ruohan, though relatively new to the industry, delivers a compelling performance as an innocent yet rebellious seductress deeply obsessed with an older man. Her character's aggressiveness in the game of love sets her apart. Despite a significant age gap of 21 years, she flawlessly executes sensual scenes, making the age difference inconsequential.

Jerry Yan portrays Xiaohan, a gentle middle-aged man leading a reclusive life in a small village and working odd jobs to get by.

In a departure from his usual roles as a wealthy and domineering character, Jerry Yan portrays Xiaohan as a subdued yet gentle middle-aged man leading a reclusive life in a small village and working odd jobs to get by. In an interview, Jerry expressed finding solace in the drama's script, which motivated him to wholeheartedly accept the role. He even attended workshops for gardening, carpentry, painting, and flower arrangements to prepare for his character.

Acknowledged as a groundbreaking love drama, the production team admits that the project doesn't rely solely on a strong script. Instead, they carefully consider the elements to present the scenes and atmosphere of the romance.

Director Chen Zhoufei, in an interview with Beijing News, explains how color schemes are employed to portray the tension between the characters. As his first venture into the romance genre, he aimed to showcase the character designs and their story through colors.

In the initial episodes, dominant blue tones represent Xiaohan's coldness as he continuously rejects Heran's advances. However, as he succumbs to her passionate love, the screen fills with red, slowly melting Xiaohan's icy heart. The color tones shift as conflicts and moods unfold throughout the plot.

Surprisingly, these colors complement the exquisite landscapes of Hainan, China, turning the drama into an unofficial local tourism promotion.

Even the use of lighting conveys underlying messages and metaphors reflecting the lead's internal struggles in every encounter.

For example, in Episode 9, when Xiaohan finally gives in to Heran's request, lighting plays a crucial role in depicting the moment she enters his life. Her presence illuminates his previously monotonous existence, just as the light caresses his face. Every nuance of his expression conveys the internal conflicts he endured before surrendering to this love game and succumbing to his restrained feelings for the young woman.

Not to mention the perfectly chosen background music, strategically placed to enhance tension and atmosphere, the production team ensures that every element in the scenes creates an illusion of a surreal love.

Although the storyline may progress slower, each scene flawlessly portrays the push-and-pull love conflict between the characters, interspersed with foreshadowing that surprises the audience midway through the story.

Above all, the drama tugs at the heartstrings of its viewers, leaving them yearning for love even more.

The Forbidden Flower, consisting of 24 episodes, is currently available on the WeTV app. Hopefully, the production will release an international version as well. Andrea Resane

Credit belongs to : www.manilatimes.net

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