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Joey de Leon’s dream movie is not another ‘Starzan’

ONE major consideration why Joey de Leon agreed to appear opposite Toni Gonzaga in last year's Metro Manila Film Festival entry “My Teacher” was because his long-time friend Vic Sotto was not in the race.

Aside from the two-year pandemic-wrought period, the previous year was literally a holiday for Bossing who took a breather off the annual festival frenzy.

During Joey de Leon's promotion for My Teacher, the entertainment press attendees distinctly remember Joey's answer when asked what his dream movie was.

No, it wasn't a sequel to his Starzan film. Neither was it any fictional character he wanted to reprise.

The Master Henyo wants a film inspired by or based on TVJ’s 44-year-old noontime show. INSTAGRAM PHOTO/ANGPOETNYO

Then what? A film inspired by or based on the 44-year-old Eat Bulaga (and I mean the old one)!

Note that this was way before all the hoopla took place during the first quarter of this year.

Is Joey still dogged and determined to make a go for this dream project?

For sure, the “two-thirds” of their iconic trio Tito and Bossing share the same excitement since the public response is still at fever pitch.

Bossing's M-Zet Productions can bankroll the movie as it did his previous outings.

The TVJ can also partner with other film companies so as not to tighten the pursestrings.

Or better yet, what is the TVJ-owned company which is at the helm of “E.A.T.” doing? Wasn't this put up also to produce TV shows, live concerts and alike?

But what will this film version be all about?

For certain, no viewer — even if loyal to Eat Bulaga (again, the old — or the legit — one) and the Dabarkads — would want to witness some bickering reminiscent of the pre-exodus between the show producer and the talents all over.


Enough of the Tape, Inc. big wigs and the Dabarkads' joint force unstoppably at each other's throats.

Since this is Joey's germ of an idea, on his creative mind the plot hinges. His swipes — whether intentional or otherwise — included.

Let the TV host referred to as the 'Master Henyo' activate his brain cells to produce an overflow of fresh ideas which is entertaining as it is thought-provoking.


AIKO Melendez can sound a bit too disappointing at times.

Don't get me wrong, but this has absolutely nothing to do with how she discharges her official duties as Quezon City Fifth District Councilor.

I'd like to think she's doing her job even better than expected.

In one of her latest vlogs, Aiko swore she'd never accede to taking on a film assignment with erstwhile partner Jomari Yllana. In fact, an offer came but she had to flatly turn it down.

Her reason: had she seized the opportunity, inevitably, her past with Jomari would be dredged up.

Aiko is no showbiz upstart not to know that for any project to sell, it's not all about the movie which the public is solely interested about.

For one, she and Jomari had something behind them. If dwelling on their ugly past would make her feel uncomfortable, then she could steer clear of that and instead talk about their only child Andrei.

Still, it's no good dragging Andrei into the publicity blitz as she's wary it might affect the boy's mental health.

I thought Aiko was glad that Jomari's trying to make up for his shortcomings toward Andrei. And that Andrei has learned to forgive his father on the condition that the latter would no longer commit the same mistakes with his other kids.

All said, Aiko wouldn't budge. It's still a big to working with Jomari.

Is this how flimsy Aiko can get? Sorry, Aiko, but I don't get it.

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