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McMichael Canadian Art Collection launches new exhibition with Salah Bachir discussion

McMichael opening

At the new McMichael opening, Sarah Milroy spoke with Salah Bachir.

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By George Pimentel Special to the Star

On March 19, the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Vaughan opened its new exhibition, “The Subtle Body,” which pairs the work of the late Montreal artist Betty Goodwin with contemporary artist David Altmejd. The show highlights an important recent gift from Salah Bachir and Jacob Yerex, and the opening event featured a discussion between McMichael chief curator Sarah Milroy and Bachir. The exhibition will run until May 15.

Chris Curreri

Chris Curreri and Luis Jacob.

Elizabeth Dowdeswell

Elizabeth Dowdeswell and Andy Pringle.

Michelle Dias

Michelle Dias, Stephanie Aoun and Aerin Anderson.

Mervon Mehta

Mervon Mehta, Carey Suleiman and John Alcorn.

Shelagh Keeley

Shelagh Keeley and Tom Deacon.

Cathy Prowse

Cathy Prowse, Sheila Gregory, Fern Karmiol and Jack Durdan.

Salah Bachir

Salah Bachir.

Kent Monkman

Kent Monkman and Laurent Bergeron.

Ivy Yerex

Ivy Yerex and Nika Del Mar.

Sarah Milroy

Sarah Milroy and Sandra Shamas.

Jacob Yerex

Lori Legault and Jacob Yerex.

Kelly Freeman

Kelly Freeman and Trevor Stewart.

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